Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Apollo Class

First half summer term 2019


Recently Apollo class went on a joint visit to Lockey Farm in Aborfield with Neptune class.  At this small farm the children were able to see a range of farm animals such as cows, donkeys, goats, sheep with their lambs, chickens, ducks and geese.  We bought some animal feed and were able to feed a range of the animals, some of us being braver than others for this!  Whilst doing this we counted the animals so we could use this information in some of our maths work back at school.


We used the hand washing facilities before having our picnic lunch outside in the glorious sunshine.  Following on from our lunch we explored the outdoor wooden play area which everyone thoroughly enjoyed before having a turn on the 'jumping pillow' (like a large bouncy castle).  A super day had by all!



Spring Term 2019


Apollo class, along with the other infant classes, had a wonderful visit from a visiting engine on Wednesday 6th March.

Fire fighters Sandra and Karen came into our class and all of the children explored lots of props they had brought such as pieces of clothing to try on, blue flashing lights, sirens, flashing bracelets and helmets.


This was followed by a walk to the front of the school where a fire engine was waiting for us! Outside all of the children wore a fire fighter jacket and helmet.   Then in turn the pupils each got to hold the real fire hose and then squirt the water at a pretend fire (and they did it on the metal roof so it was really noisy too!) Everyone was happy to have a turn.



Autumn term 2018

Apollo class have had a very busy start to the new academic year. Most of the class had moved over from the Early Years site so have been adjusting to the new big school site.  However they have all accomplished this very well.  They have managed their dinners in a busier dining hall and moving around school with many more students.

We have been doing some work about our families and have enjoyed sharing their summer holiday booklets with writing and photos about the adventures they all got up to.  That already seems such a long time ago, with that lovely hot weather.......we have now moved onto the end of the autumn term, where we are definitely wearing our coats for every playtime as well as our hats and gloves!  Every morning we talk about the weather and are learning how it can still be sunny yet cold!

We have just had a class visit to Woodlarks, a residential campsite who transform their site into an amazing Christmas themed location.  The children enjoyed watching Santa on his zip wire, listing to a story with the snow lady, listening to Christmas songs whilst having our lunch in the warm Christmas tree filled barn, before finding Santa in his grotto to receive a lovely present from him.

We are well into our Christmas activities now and have spent the last few weeks practising our songs for our Christmas Play, 'The Christmas Journey'. They have all liked the songs and have learnt really well to clap along to the S-A-N-T-A song. They have all practised their actions for their song and on the day all performed really well in front of a large audience. We were all so proud of them.  Now we are making some Christmas decorations ready to bring home to share with our families.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2019!

Spring Term


Apollo class have had a great start to the year. Our current topics include animals and the weather. We have had lots of fun creating a jungle in the classroom, listening to books about different kinds of animals, sorting animals into different categories, finding out about their habitats, and moving like animals in PE.


In Geography we have explored different types of weather including wind and rain so far. We have enjoyed splashing in puddles and running with our home-made wind socks to create our own wind. In maths, we have particularly enjoyed programming bee-bots to make them move in different directions!


          Autumn Term


Apollo class had lots of fun celebrating over the Christmas period. We visited Woodlarks who had worked really hard to ensure a magical experience was had by all. We visited a room with lots of Christmas trees, lights and cause and effect toys. We also went for a Woodland walk and saw Father Christmas in his sleigh, pulled along by reindeer. We then followed a snowman and a reindeer to Santa's Grotto and woke him up with a loud bell!


On the build up to Christmas, we  made Christmas Decorations, cards, cakes and made sure we made our classroom look seasonal! Our Christmas play this year was 'Rudolph's Nose' which was about a reindeer who travelled around looking for his nose. On his journey he came across elves, snowmen, penguins, Christmas tree decorations and other reindeer. Everyone did really well.

Autumn Term

Welcome to Apollo Class! We have had a fantastic start to the year and have been busy working really hard. Our topics have included ‘pirates’ in literacy and we had great fun doing a treasure hunt in our outdoor classroom and drawing around ourselves to make life-sized pirate pictures.

We have enjoyed trips out to the local park and were also given a free class ticket to the new 360 soft play in Farnborough which was lots of fun!