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Sibling Club
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Our 'Sibling's Club' was a great success. The children enjoyed creating works of art, cooking delicious food, playing games and having fun with their brothers and sisters. Take a look at the photos of us making delicious pancakes!

Sports Club

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Our 'Sports Club' is particularly popular and currently runs every Thursday until 4:15pm. The children have a fantastic time playing a variety of different games, learning new skills and competing in teams. It's a very popular club so get your name on the waiting list if you wish to join in the fun! Have a look at our photos of us using the giant parachute.
Lunchtime Sports Club
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To enhance playtime experiences and encourage interaction with one another we employ a coach to lead lunch time sport clubs across the age ranges. The students really look forward to their departments allocated session each week, where their whole playtime comprises of a number of sports activities differentiated to meet the needs of the students. Our school staffs support these activities helping to teach our students the rules of new games that can then be transferred to other sports activities.

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