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Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings


These are informal opportunities to come into school and meet with other parents and gain information on a variety of subjects.  At these mornings there is time to ask questions of the person presenting the topic. Please look out for coffee mornings that will be advertised in our Weekly letter from time to time.


So far coffee mornings have covered the following areas such as:


Education Health Care Plans and Our Story – given by Debra Bratt from Parent Voice.


Natalie Walker from Parent Voice questions answered on:

Free travel on buses

Eligibility for blue disabled badge

Transition from DLA to PIP

How to complete the DLA forms – Information given by Natalie on the criteria’s necessary to qualify for the higher levels.

Advice from Natalie given that GPs now need to offer patients with disabilities an annual health check.

Information on the Local Offer


At Henry Tyndale Intensive Interaction is used across the school and this was also covered by Tania Seldon at a coffee morning.  This focuses on the fundamentals of communication and how parents and staff can respond to intentional and receptive communicative interactions. 


If you have any subjects that you would like to see covered such as intensive interactions, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)) Makaton, autism and services, managing behaviors, post 18 options for education and social care, please email Anne Norris - and she will be very pleased to hear from you.