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Welcome to Comet Class

Comet Class 2017-2018


Hello and welcome back after having a great summer off!


We have been working really hard making mosaics in history, practicing our number work, having fun in music and much much more! Have a look at some of our pictures from the first half term!


We hope you enjoy them.


Comet Class smiley

Spring Term in Comet Class!


So far in the Spring term we have learnt about our bodies and performed a show (we hope you all enjoyed it!), been working really hard in out Maths and English lessons, have danced our way through PE and even managed to become palaeontologists digging out our own fossils. But our favourite thing to learn about so far has been volcanoes! We learnt all about them and watched some clips on volcanic eruptions! We then made our own using sand, bicarbonate or soda and vinegar. It was great seeing them erupt! We have now started making stronger volcanoes out of mod-rock that we can take them home and show our families how to make them erupt! Check out our pictures below!


Enjoy smiley

Summer Term in Comet Class!


This term in Comet Class we have been working really hard and enjoying the sunshine lots too. Everyone has done their best the whole year and as a treat for the end of the year and for working so hard we took a trip to Southsea promenade. It was a lovely day for it and the sun was shining at the beach. We had a fish and chips lunch on the promenade, a walk around to see what we could find and we found the hovercraft! We watched it take off for a trip and all got sprayed with sea water from the air which cooled us down! It was great to see. We also enjoyed an ice-cream, ice-lolly or donut as an extra treat. It was a trip enjoyed by all and ended the year in a lovely way with all our friends. On behalf of all the staff in comet class I would like to thank you for all your support this year and we hope you have a lovely summer holiday!


Enjoy smiley

Comet Class 2016 - 2017

Autumn Term 2016

Comet Class have been working really hard this term both in and out the class. We have had some lovely trips into our local community and enjoyed getting hands on in Science.


We have also had a great time in Literacy learning all about plays and scripts and acting out our very own Gruffalo play. Of course we couldn't do the Gruffalo without trying out some Gruffalo inspired food too! We have made scrambled snake, Owl ice cream and Gruffalo cupcakes! They were so delicious some didn't even make it home!


Comet Class Astronauts!


During the Autumn Term Comet Class turned into astronauts for our space show. Everyone worked really hard and made some great props including rocket packs, star bands, light-up stars and their very own astronaut helmets! Everyone looked great and we had a great show singing and signing to lots of space songs! Have a look at some of the pictures below! We hope you like them as much as we do!


Summer 2017

Comet Class have as always worked really hard this term and made some great progress across all the areas of the curriculum. A particular focus and a topic enjoyed by all was our History topic Britain Since 1930. Whilst learning about the war we had the opportunity to see what travel would be like by going to visit the Watercress Line which was a fabulous trip enjoyed by all. The steam train was great fun and we even got to meet the mayor of Alton on our trip! Another trip which we went on was to the Rural Life Centre where we got to experience hands on what it was like living in the war. We washed clothes by hand, visited an old school, had a look around a real Anderson shelter and even got to wear clothes from the era. It was a wonderful topic and everyone in Comet Class worked really hard throughout the term and got stuck into all the practical elements that were presented to us.


From all the staff here in comet class have a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you again in September!