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Five students from my class have participated in this event, over two trips and have really benefited from their experience. Part of the post-trip commitment is to complete a Legacy 110 project, in which they share their new knowledge with 110 people from outside their school community. My guys are not able to articulate their experiences in the same way that a mainstream youngster would, and so we have elected to 'Step for Soldiers.' Each student has pledged to walk as many steps as there were soldiers that died in Belgium, in WW1, coincidentally, almost the exact distance from our school, in Farnborough, to Ypres, and back again! Multiply this distance by 5, and you will understand this has not been a light undertaking - some 4.5 million steps! (Interestingly, each student will have 'walked' the equivalent to Ypres and back!)

We would like as many people as possible to support us in this task, by adding steps that they have taken in a particular activity, however many, and send them to us so that we can add them to our count. We need 550 people (at least; more is even better!) and we wondered whether you would be interested in publicising the project for us? All five students have permission for photographs etc, (although one has left school now)

I have attached some photographs for you to see.

People can send their 'steps' to my email address, or use the HTSA Facebook page


Jo Bennett
Class Teacher
Henry Tyndale 6th Form