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Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Statement


Within Key Stage 2 at Henry Tyndale School we aim to provide pupils with a curriculum which is broad, well balanced and above all stimulates each child to learn to the best of their ability. We aim to help each child to grow in confidence and continue to develop their communication and independence through personalised programs of study to cater for their individual needs. To do this pupils take part in a formal, semi formal and informal curriculum. Other programmes to support individuals are incorporated into the school day in accordance to their need.


For most pupils we place great emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy as these underpin many aspects of other areas of the curriculum as well as their individual personal and health development, much of which will be highlighted in the pupils EHCP’s.

The core subjects of the National Curriculum: English, Mathematics and Science are taught regularly, where the foundation subject: Humanities, Design & Technology [DT], Art, Music, Physical Education [PE], Computing and Religious Education [RE] will occasionally be taught in blocks depending on the selected topics.



Our primary focus is communication, both expressive and receptive, with support from Speech and Language therapist. Makaton signing and symbols will support, with some children using individual communication devises including PEC’s, IPad and switches. Reading and phonics are taught daily with opportunities for all to develop their writing through write dance and individually set writing task. Some children will work on recall and comprehension activities using words and symbols, computers and writing.



This is taught through the four strands: Data Handling, Shape, Space and Measure, Number and Using and Applying. Pupils will have a dedicated time each day when a stand may be taught as well as during other times of the day when where calculation, number recognition and estimation are required. Differentiated tasks are set to suit each pupil’s individual level of learning.



We teach science within our thematic approach which will usually link with Design and Technology and the Arts all following the rolling programme.


The planning of the curriculum is based around a four year rolling programme to ensure there is a broad coverage as the pupils’ progress through the Key Stage. Where possible we use facilities in the local community to support these areas and sometimes travel further afield to give the pupils a wider range of experiences to enhance their learning. All key Stage 2 classes have allocated time to take part in community visits to support their curriculum. All pupils have swimming included within PE, with most accessing the public pool in Farnborough.


This programme is reviewed regularly to make necessary improvements to ensure compatibility with new directives and the educational needs of the current cohort of pupils. By the end of year 6 our pupils have learnt from the wide range of education experiences to enable them to use this knowledge to further develop in Key Stage 3 and beyond.