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Pre school services

Pre-school Services

Every term the Head Teacher and EY teacher attend the Rushmoor/ Hart Pre-School Advisory Group meetings. These are chaired by an Education Officer from Hampshire and are also attended by Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, a TOPS worker, the Deputy Head of Farnborough Grange School, Area Inclusion Officers (INCOs) and The Advisory teachers for Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment.


During these meetings, children with identified special educational needs are discussed and possible pupils for Henry Tyndale School are identified. Referral forms and communication therapy reports are also shared.

Once the children have been offered a place at Henry Tyndale School, they are invited to our annual Open Day. This event allows the children to visit the setting with their parents and Portage Teacher and to meet the EY staff and other professionals that work closely with us.


Following this, the EY teacher is available to visit the families at their homes during one of their usual Portage sessions. This allows further opportunities for all involved to build relationships and to share what the children are interested in and are currently working on.  If the children are currently attending other settings, visits to these are also arranged by the EY teacher and outreach support is provided if necessary.


When a child has started at this setting, Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings continue to be held every six months. They are usually held at this setting and all professionals involved with the child are invited to attend.

Speech and Language Therapists visit Henry Tyndale Pre-school once a week and Physiotherapists and an Occupational Therapist also regularly visit this setting.  Children’s language and physical targets are set and evaluated collaboratively between these professionals and the EY teacher.


We also work closely with Educational Psychologists, particularly with regard to Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP) and regularly meet with these professionals and the children’s parents. The Advisory Teachers for Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment also visit this setting to offer advice, to work with their designated children and to record their progress. 


We currently have children receiving music therapy and head massage sessions and the professionals providing these services provide the class with written and verbal feedback and assessment charts are filled in with the class teacher.


The school nurse provides the class team with appropriate medical training e.g. EPI pen, suctioning and gastrostomy and she ensures that the staff team are up to date with this training by carrying out regular refresher sessions.  She has also recently arranged meetings with the areas Health Visitors and we now aim to meet with these professionals on a regular basis.