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Henry Tyndale School


When children are learning to read there are two things they need to learn, that sounds are represented by written letters and how to blend the sounds together to make words. Throughout a student’s time at Henry Tyndale we use ‘Synthetic Phonics’ to help them learn these skills at whatever academic stage they may be working at.


Our students are taught to:


• recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes;

• identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make – such as ‘sh’ or ‘oo’; and

• blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word.


Children can then use this knowledge to ‘de-code’ new words that they hear or see.


We recognise that different learning styles may suit individual students, and for many their understanding of reading activities will need to be supported with Makaton signing and symbols throughout their education.


At Henry Tyndale School we use a variety of different reading schemes to provide a wide range of materials for our youngsters to work through. This helps to ensure interest in the books remains at a high level whilst children make those small but hugely important steps of progress.