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Saturn Class

Autumn Term

Welcome to Saturn Class!


Our first few weeks have been very busy, settling in to class, getting to know new staff and peers and finding out about what we are going to be learning.


This term in Saturn, our topic is Pirates! We looked at the flags of different famous pirates and created our own ones. We have also been studying pirate ships and made boats using lollipop sticks. We tested them to see if they floated  (which they did) and tested out lots of different objects to see if they would float or sink. We have also made our own pirate hats out of newspaper.


Each week, students go out to the supermarket to buy food for food technology. We have been cooking eggs each week but in different ways. We have tried scrambled, fried, dippy, poached- you name it, we've tried it! We have been showing off our dance skills in PE, moving to many classics such as the YMCA and the Hokey Cokey. We have also been using parachute games to get to know each other.


In Enterprise, we have been 'upcycling' and turning 'rubbish' into things we can sell at the Christmas Fair-watch out for our amazing Christmas gifts in December!





Pirates! 1 Showing off her pirate hat!
Pirates! 2 A denim eye patch for Jeans for Genes day!
Pirates! 3 Will our pirate ship sink or float?
Pirates! 4 Finding pirate treasure!

Food technology

Food technology 1 Seasoning scrambled eggs!
Food technology 2 Eating an egg sandwich.
Food technology 3 Trying an egg mayo sandwich!
Food technology 4 Eggy bread...
Food technology 5 Trying an egg mayo sandwich!


Enterprise 1 Washing the recycling
Enterprise 2 Drying the recycling
Enterprise 3 Drying the recycling
Enterprise 4 Spray painting!
Enterprise 5 Collecting items for our Christmas gifts.
Enterprise 6 Collecting items for our Christmas gifts.
Enterprise 7 Collecting items for our Christmas gifts.