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Sports and PE Grant

PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools


PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools was paid to Henry Tyndale school for last and this year. £8,296 for 2016 - 2017; and £3,465 for 2017 - 18 - with a possible addition later in the year . The money we spend to ensure appropriate access to physical activity for our pupils is very high – particularly in relation to physiotherapy equipment, the upkeep of the hydrotherapy pool and swimming lesson but we have also endeavoured to use this money to further enhance provision. This has been achieved by the update of an underground pump for the accessible sunken trampoline to allow all children access to this in a safe way more frequently during the year. The cost of this specifically , including safety fencing, has been over £3,000. Further funds will be allocated during the coming year to better provide further resources and training for staff to ensure best use of resources like this for pupils on both our sites. This has only been possible because of the PE grant. None of our children would have access to such facilities without this.