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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Funding - 2018/19


All our Year 7 pupils attract a ‘catch up’ payment as they have not achieved age related norms at the end of primary education. In a special school like our pupils never will or can reach such norms as a result of his severe and complex needs. What we can and must do instead is to ensure progress for all at the highest rate the child can manage. The Year 7 catch up money is used to bolster staffing rates for that particular group to nurture higher progress rates. P Level progress scores as detailed elsewhere on the website show the success of this approach.

The school looks at ensuring all pupils progress at expected rates or better and this  is supported by higher staffing ratios than found elsewhere in Hampshire Special Schools. 


The allocation for 2018/2019 was £6,500 for the 12 students in Year 7