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6th Form Earth Green Group



As with everything at the moment it has been a rather unusual Summer Term.  Due to COVID-19 we haven't had the Summer Term we had planned. 


Some students have been attending school on a part time basis.  These students have been having lots of fun carrying out activities such as cooking, art lessons, music lessons, write dance, sensology, physiotherapy, dance, attention sessions and lots of outdoor learning through the periods of lovely weather we have had.


Some students have been at home shielding and we have missed them a great deal.  We have been lucky enough to have video calls with some students which has been a great way of keeping in touch. 


Rachel and I look forward to seeing all of the students in September and wish you all a happy Summer break.





The Spring term gave us the topic of the 'Wild West' to explore through our Conceptual and Integrated pathways. We enjoyed making tie dye neckers and wearing cowboy hats in our sensory story, after handling and manipulating straw and sand when 'visiting' the ranch. During Creativity - Cooking, we have enjoyed looking at the ingredients to make fruit pies and vegetable soup; two favourite meals from the Wild West.


The students on the Integrated pathway have also been working hard on their ASDAN accreditation - Understanding money, Following simple instructions and Looking and acting the part. This has involved the handling of money and know where we spend our money, following simple verbal instructions to complete simple jobs around the Sixth Form building and following a 4 step recipe to bake cakes and spending time looking at personal care; including hand and face washing, protective clothing and presentation of self, hair and teeth brushing.


It has been a very busy term which unfortunately came to a sudden end. All of the students have worked hard continuously through the term and now, we look forward to the Summer Term.


Green Class have all settled well back into school after the summer holidays.  Our theme this term has been 'Circus' learning with a concept of 'Fast and Slow'.  We have been out in the community to visit different places such as shops, cafes, garden centres and the library and learning to use our communication aids in many more unfamiliar places.


Everyone has been working so hard this term and are very much looking forward to their Christmas break.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


From the Green staff team - Hannah, Davina, Denise, Kimberley, Daniella, Nicole and Lisa






Some of us were lucky enough to go on a 3 day residential to Avon Tyrrell, in the New Forest. This residential gave the students an opportunity to access some activities they wouldn't normally get a chance to; canoeing, abseiling, zipwire across  lake, high ropes and a bonfire with another school.


A lot of enjoyment was had during these activities, all being adapted so our students can access them. This all happened with the help and support from the National Citizen Service (NCS). It is with thanks to the NCS that we were able to integrate with another school, access these exciting activities and have so much fun in the New Forest!

This Spring Term has been very eventful for us in Green Group, over in Sixth Form. We have been a part of so many events going on in school and out in the community we just couldn't choose what photos to use! You will see a range of photos from spending time with ducklings that hatched over Easter, our trip to the Science Museum in Winchester, exploring Space activities within the classroom and lots of communicating to share our likes and dislikes!

Happy New Year from the Green group team

Here's wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2019

This term, 6th Form Green group have been learning about Pirates. As part of this, we had our own Pirate Day where we dressed up as Pirates, where we ate and danced like them. It was such a lot of fun!

We have had a busy Autumn term, having a few trips out to the supermarket and the garden centres, which we really enjoyed especially leading up to Christmas. This was when we visited Henry Street Garden Centre and ate in a Café. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and will see you in the Spring Term.