Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together




At Henry Tyndale we have a total communication approach and advocate for the use of all means to communicate effectively, including Aided and Assistive Communication Devices – AAC.

Our two strands of AAC (Low tech – ALB’s, PECs, Makaton, symbols etc. and High tech – iPads using Grid 3, Eyegaze devices using Grid 3, Proxtalkers etc) are intertwined and used collaboratively to promote each student’s ability to communicate effectively and comfortably.

At Henry Tyndale we have over 50 students using AAC, specifically Grid 3 on the iPad to communicate in a variety of different ways. Our AAC curriculum breaks down our communication framework into different stages, allowing us to get a more detailed picture of students communication.  A variety of communication programs are available and tailored by stage of communication and curricular pathway so that we can best meet individual student needs.