Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Apollo Class

Apollo class have had a good Spring term.


Our topic was on transport.  We have been reading 'The train ride' story and made a long train from lots of boxes in art.   We have just been to visit a museum in Farnborough where we looked at the different static aeroplanes and helicopters. We were allowed to climb aboard two of the planes and took it in turn pretending to be the pilot!


Earlier in the term we had a fantastic turn out with our mummies for our Mother's day tea party where everyone had a drink and biscuit with their mummies and then had a play on the adventure playground.  Afterwards we made a display in the hall of the photos of each of the pupils with their mummies and they all certainly love looking at the photos and finding their own picture. 


We have been visiting Badshot Lea Garden Centre as we have started going back out into the community.  Everyone has had a good time having a turn on the play area there, looking at the fish in the pools and then watching the waterfalls. 


For Red Nose day we had the theme of 'helping others' so in class some of the children were the 'teacher' during the snack session and asked their friends what they would like to have. 


We have been doing lots of work taking turns with different games in the class and are all improving at waiting for our turn.


We have been working on the 'Zones of Regulation' and looking at our feelings and recently have been using a mirror to look in to see what we are looking and feeling like. 


In happy hands we have been exploring a new 'house' resource with lots of bolts and latches to experiment opening and closing.


We are looking forward to our 'animals and their young' topic for the summer term, along with hopefully some warmer weather.

Helen and the Apollo team

Autumn 2021




We welcomed some new friends into our Apollo class along with some pupils who were with us last year.  We also had a new friend join after the half term holiday and everyone has been very welcoming to him.


In the classroom we have all taken part in a range of activities connected to our topics this term of 'families and friends' and 'celebrations'.  We are finishing this topic with lots of Christmas activities.  We have been busy rehearsing for our infant nativity play.  We visited the Henry Street Garden Centre to look at all the Christmas decorations, displays and had a snack there together with Neptune class.


We have taken part in three charity days - Jeans for Genes and came dressed up in our denim clothes, our orange day to support Challengers and Children in Need day where we went to find the Pudsey bear from another class.


In class we have been developing playing with our friends and especially like doing 'round the garden' rhymes and ring-a-roses song, all playing together.


Again this year as sadly we couldn't visit Woodlarks for a special Christmas visit, we have had a virtual call from Santa.  All the pupils loved seeing him on the screen and were very happy to open their presents in class!


The Apollo team wish all of our Apollo class families a happy and healthy Christmas.

Helen and the Apollo team 

Summer 2021


This term we have been working on our two topics 'Where does our food come from' and 'zoo animals'.  One of the favoured activities for our food topic was making cheese sandwiches.  The children chose between different cheeses to have using a choosing board and many of them used the cheese grater.  Another favourite activity was using the Popcorn maker.  The children were able to switch it on and choose what flavouring they wanted on top.  


Our most recent topic has been zoo animals.  We have been singing 'going to the zoo' song and taken part in art activities such as making monkey plates and printing shapes onto elephant pictures. During our PE sessions we have been acting out the different Zoo animal actions and taking part in a zoo animal freeze dance.


As the Covid restrictions allowed us a little more freedom we have started going out for a community visit on the minibus and each group has visited Osbourne Park in North Camp.  Here everyone has enjoyed exploring the different equipment and showed the teachers which particular piece of park equipment was their favourite. 


As we come to the end of this term we celebrated in our bubbles for our sports day.  We had three separate sessions on the big playground, where we took part in parachute games, threw the bean bags onto the target which was great fun and finally we had a cup and ball race, whereby racing against peers from the other two classes it was a race to get to the end to tip your ball into the basket. 


We wish everyone a good summer holiday and hope that the sun pops it's head out occasionally! We look forward to continuing with those children staying in Apollo class and wish those moving onto new classes all the best.  We shall wave as we pass in the corridors!


Helen and Apollo team.

Our Zoo animal work

Spring term 2021


Well after the most unusual and sad start to the Spring term with not everyone being back in class together, as I write this, we are now happily back together as we approach the end of this term.

During the first part of the term we concentrated on the 'seasons' topic with lots of this work being done at home as well as in school.  Super big shout out to everyone who managed to do some of this at home, or other activities, under the difficult circumstances.

This second half of the term has seen us working on our 'building sites' topic.  A very hands on topic with lots of cement mixing (with sand and shaving foam!).  The children have been building with a range of bricks and making their own houses from a box they chose and sticking on a door, windows and chimney.  Earlier in the topic we read '3 little pigs' story and made the houses for each pig.  Some of this work has been displayed on our display board in the hall.

We are finishing our school week leading up to Easter with some Easter activities - making Easter cards and Easter nest baskets to eat!

Apollo class would like to welcome Chloe to our class for the summer term who will be completing her final teaching practice with us.

Wishing everyone a chocolatey Easter and look forward to the summer term, starting with our first topic of 'where does my food come from'. 

Helen and the Apollo team

The majority of Apollo class have moved this September onto the main site.  They have all adjusted to their new environment very well. Every day we have our lunch in the dinner hall in our 'bubble' and again they have settled to this new routine very well.

In the classroom they have all taken part in a range of activities connected to our topics this term of 'our bodies and senses' and 'habitats'.  We are finishing this topic with the artic habitats and connecting our class Christmas production to this theme (this will be sent home virtually in the last week of term).

This term we have also been exploring a range of musical instruments such as the xylophone, chimes, drums and piano.  The pupils have all particularly enjoyed exploring the xylophone and the piano where they can explore the cause and effect of what happens when they tap the xylophone bars in a particular order or the different piano keys that they press. 

Christmas activities this year have been very different in school, however one of our highlights is going to be a zoom call we are going to get from Santa where he is going to talk to each of our pupils and give them a present (this is all funded by Woodlarks - a charity who we usually go to visit for a wonderful Christmas visit). Thank you to them!

Wishing all of our Apollo class families a happy, although a different Christmas this year.

Helen and the Apollo team 



Summer 2020


During the Coronavirus epidemic we had been staying at home and having to do some home learning instead.  Everyone has been doing really well with a range of activities from their work boxes.  It has been lovely to see everyone during this via our zoom calls and now more recently having a video link with those who are still not in school at all.


Here are some photos of us (lots of us with our teddies as we had a teddy theme with one of our zoom calls - the Apollo staff team loved this so much they joined in too!)


Keep safe everyone

Helen and the Apollo team

Spring Term 2020


Apollo Class have been following two topics this term, being 'Weather' and 'Festivals and Celebrations.'


We have done a lot of work around our weather topic including getting dressed up in different clothes for different weathers, standing underneath the umbrella as it 'pretend' rained from a watering can! which everyone found funny.

We enjoyed doing an experiment to see how the clouds collect and hold the rain and then how it then in turn rains.  We did this using coloured water and cotton wool balls. We froze different toys and then explored trying to get them out of the ice. We made lots of rainbows by painting and also making dotted rainbows using pom poms on the end of a peg to dab the picture. We enjoyed the story 'Mrs Rainbow' and painted our own coloured houses which were all on display on our classroom wall.

During many of our attention sessions we have focussed on weather related activities and also in stage 4 some pupils have made items to add to our class display on weather in the hall, such as kites, snowmen and ice cream cones.


In the entrance corridor in school we have a whole school display with spring daffodils made by every class.  Apollo class created their daffodils by choosing different 'cup cake cases' and layering them to make their own daffodil.  As a class we then went for a walk to look at our daffodils on the display and to also look at the other ones made by the rest of the school.


For Festivals and Celebrations we have made Chinese dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year, wore Chinese hats and joined in a dragon dance during one of our PE sessions.   In assemblies we have celebrated St. David's and  St.Patrick's day, where we all danced as if we were Irish dancers, and some pupils came to the front to dress up.

For Shrove Tuesday all the pupils managed to toss the pancakes in the frying pans (with a little support!).  After this everyone chose a small or large pancake and asked for whichever topping they preferred from maple syrup, lemon and sugar or (the popular one - chocolate spread!)

We finished our early end of term with Mother's day where all of the pupils helped to choose some flowers to wrap up to give their mummies - hope they looked lovely at home!


In March we took part in World book day and the infants all came to school dressed in different colours.  During that day each class visited the three different classes and took part in making Elmer pictures, listening to an Elmer story and doing 'elephant' and 'colour' dances and games for a PE session.  Everyone coped very well moving around to different rooms for these activities. We followed this day up with making our own 'milk bottle' Elmers.


In Apollo classroom around the edge of the classroom we take a photograph to show something we have done to mark each month and I have included the last three photos that we had on the wall - January (Chinese New Year); February (Pancake Day); March (World Book Day).


We hope that everyone is keeping safe in this unusual time and still being able to access some of the tasks we would normally be doing in the classroom.


Look forward to hopefully seeing you all again soon


Helen and Apollo team


Autumn Term 2019


Apollo class have had a very busy start to the new academic year.  We have had some pupils in Apollo class move over from the Early Years site so have been adjusting to the new larger school site.  However they have all accomplished this very well.  They have managed their dinners in a busier dining hall.  Most pupils in the class are now using either PECS or symbols to ask for each part of their dinner.


We have been doing some work about people who help us.  Most recently our work about postmen helped us when we had to write our own letters to Father Christmas saying what toys we would like from Father Christmas and then having to post them in our school post box.


In Apollo class we have a star of the day and a pupil is chosen for something they have done particularly well with.  Their reward for this is having a turn with the large flashing star which is always enjoyed and held tightly onto.


 Some pupils have just had an infant visit to Woodlarks, a residential campsite who transform their site into an amazing Christmas themed location.  The children enjoyed watching Santa on his zip wire, listing to a story with the snow lady, listening to Christmas songs whilst having our lunch in the warm Christmas tree filled barn, before finding Santa in his grotto to receive a lovely present from him.

The other half of the class went to the 'Aladdin' pantomime in the Harlington Centre in Fleet. They all stayed watching the whole performance and showed their obvious enjoyment by either talking or moving to the music.


We are well into our Christmas activities now and have spent the last few weeks practising our songs for our Christmas Play, 'The Jolly Postman'.  They  used a variety of symbols to say part of the narration.   On the day of the performance all of Apollo class did so well in front of a large audience. We were all so proud of them.  Most recently we have made some Christmas tree biscuits and decorated these with green icing and jelly sweets!


In Apollo class we take a group photograph every month about something we have done, so as the year rolls on we can look back and see what we did.  I have included these photographs so everyone can see what we have been doing. September was our 'Jeans for Genes' display, October was investigating autumn leaves, November was us exploring poppies for Remembrance day, and December was our visit to Henry Street garden centre standing in front  all of the real Christmas trees.


Apollo class team wish you all a festive Christmas and a happy New Year 2020!

On Thursday 11th July Apollo class all went to Thames Valley Adventure Playground (TVAP) near Maidenhead.  Everyone had a fabulous time there and enjoyed a wide range of activities there including: large sandpit, wooden climbing fort, zip swing, wooden ramps and bridge, rocking swing, indoor soft play area and sensory room, large outdoor trikes.

We all sat together for our packed lunches and enjoyed some ice cool drinks we brought with us. 

We had an extended day visit, therefore when some of the other pupils from other schools left we had the whole place to ourselves!

The children had some lovely times playing together.   Everyone had tired themselves out, so a few had a sneaky nap on the way home!


2nd half summer term


In Apollo class during the summer term we have been doing some work on the story of the 3 little pigs. We have been listening to the story, watching a video story and songs connected to this.  We have made some houses using straw, sticks and construction bricks and made some paintings around the story.  We have also had some sessions where we have re-enacted the story with some props and taken on the role of the pigs and the wolf, and practised our huffing and puffing! 


During this term we have had a couple of birthdays within the class - always a popular time to celebrate, sing 'happy birthday' and of course share and eat cake!


Towards the end of June we had some judges into school for the Rushmoor in Bloom competition.  Along with our peers from Neptune class we had made our outside play area into a bee and butterfly friendly area.  The pupils helped to tidy up the planting beds and then planted some flowers and made lots of bee and butterfly artefacts which are hanging in our joint area. Even if we don’t ‘win’ we have had a great time making this area look lovely!




First half summer term 2019


Recently Apollo class went on a joint visit to Lockey Farm in Aborfield with Neptune class.  At this small farm the children were able to see a range of farm animals such as cows, donkeys, goats, sheep with their lambs, chickens, ducks and geese.  We bought some animal feed and were able to feed a range of the animals, some of us being braver than others for this!  Whilst doing this we counted the animals so we could use this information in some of our maths work back at school.


We used the hand washing facilities before having our picnic lunch outside in the glorious sunshine.  Following on from our lunch we explored the outdoor wooden play area which everyone thoroughly enjoyed before having a turn on the 'jumping pillow' (like a large bouncy castle).  A super day had by all!



Spring Term 2019


Apollo class, along with the other infant classes, had a wonderful visit from a visiting engine on Wednesday 6th March.

Fire fighters Sandra and Karen came into our class and all of the children explored lots of props they had brought such as pieces of clothing to try on, blue flashing lights, sirens, flashing bracelets and helmets.


This was followed by a walk to the front of the school where a fire engine was waiting for us! Outside all of the children wore a fire fighter jacket and helmet.   Then in turn the pupils each got to hold the real fire hose and then squirt the water at a pretend fire (and they did it on the metal roof so it was really noisy too!) Everyone was happy to have a turn.



Autumn term 2018

Apollo class have had a very busy start to the new academic year. Most of the class had moved over from the Early Years site so have been adjusting to the new big school site.  However they have all accomplished this very well.  They have managed their dinners in a busier dining hall and moving around school with many more students.

We have been doing some work about our families and have enjoyed sharing their summer holiday booklets with writing and photos about the adventures they all got up to.  That already seems such a long time ago, with that lovely hot weather.......we have now moved onto the end of the autumn term, where we are definitely wearing our coats for every playtime as well as our hats and gloves!  Every morning we talk about the weather and are learning how it can still be sunny yet cold!

We have just had a class visit to Woodlarks, a residential campsite who transform their site into an amazing Christmas themed location.  The children enjoyed watching Santa on his zip wire, listing to a story with the snow lady, listening to Christmas songs whilst having our lunch in the warm Christmas tree filled barn, before finding Santa in his grotto to receive a lovely present from him.

We are well into our Christmas activities now and have spent the last few weeks practising our songs for our Christmas Play, 'The Christmas Journey'. They have all liked the songs and have learnt really well to clap along to the S-A-N-T-A song. They have all practised their actions for their song and on the day all performed really well in front of a large audience. We were all so proud of them.  Now we are making some Christmas decorations ready to bring home to share with our families.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2019!

Spring Term


Apollo class have had a great start to the year. Our current topics include animals and the weather. We have had lots of fun creating a jungle in the classroom, listening to books about different kinds of animals, sorting animals into different categories, finding out about their habitats, and moving like animals in PE.


In Geography we have explored different types of weather including wind and rain so far. We have enjoyed splashing in puddles and running with our home-made wind socks to create our own wind. In maths, we have particularly enjoyed programming bee-bots to make them move in different directions!


          Autumn Term


Apollo class had lots of fun celebrating over the Christmas period. We visited Woodlarks who had worked really hard to ensure a magical experience was had by all. We visited a room with lots of Christmas trees, lights and cause and effect toys. We also went for a Woodland walk and saw Father Christmas in his sleigh, pulled along by reindeer. We then followed a snowman and a reindeer to Santa's Grotto and woke him up with a loud bell!


On the build up to Christmas, we  made Christmas Decorations, cards, cakes and made sure we made our classroom look seasonal! Our Christmas play this year was 'Rudolph's Nose' which was about a reindeer who travelled around looking for his nose. On his journey he came across elves, snowmen, penguins, Christmas tree decorations and other reindeer. Everyone did really well.