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Astronaut Class

Summer Term 2021


Astronaut class have had a great summer term, despite the uncertain times of COVID 19. The children have shown fantastic resilience this year and continued to work hard and strive in all they do, which has been wonderful to see. 

The children have really enjoyed our topic this term 'Under the Sea', we have covered different stories, learned about the layers of the sea, tasted sea food and created some wonderful art prints of under the sea pictures. We learned about sea pollution and used recyclable materials to create boats. 

The children have enjoyed and learned through sensory exploration of shells, water, sand, seaweed and sea creatures. 


The children’s relationships have blossomed and it has been lovely to watch genuine friendships develop. It has been a pleasure to teach the children this year and I wish them all luck with their new teachers next year. 


Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful summer!


Kayleigh & Team Astronaut


Spring Term 2021


Astronaut class are so happy to be back to school as a whole class after another lockdown. They have all enjoyed being with their friends and engaging in lots of fun and learning. 

We have been enjoying the weekly challenges and everyone has worked hard to tick them off! 

The children have continued their love of learning and applied themselves in all areas, particularly communication.


They have been so resilient during this very challenging school year and have made us all incredibly proud. Well done Astronauts. 


This term we are saying goodbye to our wonderful lead assistant Ali who will be greatly missed.

We wish her all the best in her new adventures by the sea!


We hope you enjoy the pictures - just a snippet in to what we have been doing this term in Astronaut class. 


Have a wonderful Easter!

Autumn Term 2020


Astronaut class have had a great term. We have all made friends and have a great time learning and playing together. This term our topic has been 'Toys' so we have had a lot of fun learning about and exploring different toys. We have learned about how they work, what they are made from, how old they are and where the originate. The class favourites were the wooden train track and the noisy toys! 

The children have worked hard in all of their lessons and have all shown progression in both literacy and maths. Well done Astronauts! 

We have all been really looking forward to Christmas, and have been super busy to make sure we are ready! We have been making lots of lovely things to take home for our parents and families to enjoy over Christmas. 


We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year - Astronaut Class. 

Summer Term 2020


It has been a very different term in Astronaut class due to COVID19 but the children have shown such fantastic resilience during these unusual times. They have all coped so well and continued their learning whether in school or at home. Well done Astronaut class!

We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Spring Term 2020


This term we have been learning all about 'Life on the Farm.' To help us learn about the farm we looked at what fruits and vegetables grow on a farm. We have planted our own crop of potatoes so are hoping they have grown when we return to school! 

Some of the children created their own cress heads and kept a daily diary. This covered lots of curriculum areas such as ICT, literacy, maths, science and DT. 

The children have enjoyed a weekly Sensology session using all of their senses to access life on a farm. They particularly enjoy the animal masks and sounds! 

We were really lucky and had a small farm come to visit the children in school - all of the children loved getting up close to the animals. They were all so gentle when stroking the animals. 


All of the children have continued to work on their individual targets and have all shown improvement and determination. The class work well as a team and lots of spontaneous communication is developing, which is lovely to see. 


We hope you enjoy the pictures! 






Welcome to Astronaut Class Autumn 2019!


We have had a fantastic start to the year, and have all been working hard getting to know our new friends!

It has been a very busy term, and we have got lots of fantastic work done. This term our topic was pattern. We have looked at and explored a range of different patterns across all curriculum areas. We found patterns in nature, on animals and we looked all the way back to Egyptian times to see if they used patterns too!

We have used lots of different resources to make our own patterns - but our favourite has definitely been using our hands and our feet!

We went on a trip to Marwell zoo. We saw lots of different animals, and were able to recognise some of them by their patterns on their coats. Before we went, we made our own animal patterns - but we didn't see any of those at the zoo!

One of our main focuses this term has been communication and making our own choices through lots of different modes. The class are working really nicely together and there are lots of lovely new friendships forming.

We have started getting ready for Christmas - the children are very VERY excited!! We have begun making crafts and cards and lots of treats as gifts for Christmas - we hope you enjoy them all!


We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!





Summer 2019


Astronaut class have had a great summer term! We have definitely been enjoying the warmer weather. This term we have been looking at holidays and travel. We have made our own class holiday brochure using the computers and been choosing different holidays each week to book at our own travel agents.

We have been looking at the different clothes you may wear when on a hot holiday and have even made our own flip flops and beach bags ready for the summer holidays.

Some of the group have enjoyed a 'Sensology' session exploring familiar sights and sounds linked to the summer and holidays. They have explored materials through sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

We have really enjoyed using the new Purple Mash programme and have found lots of fun games to tie in with our holiday theme. We all enjoyed decorating beach huts.


We were really lucky at the beginning of term and were invited to Aldershot Football Club to practice some football skills with some of the other KS2 children. We had a great time!


We have had a fantastic year in Astronaut class, and hope that everyone has a great summer holiday!


Nick'iel and Ella will be moving on to a new school in September so we wish them lots of luck in their new school and hope they make lots of new friends.







Spring 2019

Astronaut class have had a great spring term! This term we have been looking at our local area, and learning about different environments and habitats. We have been on bug hunts around the sensory garden and on our muddy walks to Frimley Lodge Park. We looked at what environment bugs like to live in and used sticks, pine cones and leaves we collected on our walks to make our own bug hotel for our yard!

We have also been looking at how we can look after our environment by using the correct bins and recycling what we can. We have used some of the recycling we have saved to make sculptures in art, which we all enjoyed.

We were really lucky this term and got to go on a trip to the cinema with all of Key Stage 2! We filled the cinema – it was great fun!

A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from the fire station, we all got to dress up as a fire fighter and squirt the hose! We all had a great time. 

Astronaut class have recently welcomed a new student, Sid who is settling in very well and joining in with his new friends.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter – Astronaut Team.

We had a great time being firefighters!

Christmas is on the way!


Astronaut class has continued to have a fantastic term. This half term we have been learning about animals that live in icy countries like the arctic. We have learned lots about polar bears and how they keep warm. Did you know that a polar bears fur is see-though? We carried out an experiment in science to see how a polar bear keeps warm, we put our hands in icy water - we couldn't keep them in there for long! We then put gloves on and covered them in fat to represent a polar bears blubber. Once they were covered in fat we could keep them in the water for a lot longer!

We have started to design and make Christmas crafts and gifts to take home to our families for Christmas day. We are all really looking forward to Christmas activities over the last couple of weeks. Especially our trip to the Panto to see Beauty and the Beast. A big thank you to the PTA for paying towards our very special Christmas trip!

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and looking forward to the new year...and warmer weather!



Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to our new school year! 

We have had a great start to autumn half term and have already made great friends and learned so much. 

Our topic this term is 'Ice and Fire'. We have looked back into history to see what we could find far we know that different animals used to live on Earth when it was covered in ice. Too cold for us!! We made our own woolly mammoths and teeth for a Saber Toothed Tiger. We have been exploring ice in many different ways, we had our own ice dinosaur eggs that we had to smash to find the dinosaur! We had lots of fun doing this and got ice everywhere!

In science, we did an experiment with ice. We added salt and paint to blocks of ice, it was really interesting to watch the salt melt the ice, when we added the paint it ran through all of the craters that the salt had created. 

We have looked at fire too...We had a BBQ with Spaceship, Comet and Satellite class. It was delicious! We cooked sausages and ate them outside in a hot dog.

In history we have been learning about the Great Fire of London that happened in 1666. It all sounded very scary so we have been learning about what to do if we see a fire and how to stay safe.


Have a look through our pictures and see what fun we have been up to this half term, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 


Summer 2018


Astronaut class have had a fantastic summer! We have been so lucky with the weather!

This term we have been on some lovely trips - we went to Bordon Country Market to see where all the crops are grown, it was such a good day. We especially liked having our packed lunch under a HUGE oak tree.

We have also been to Wisley Gardens, this linked nicely with our literacy story of The Secret Garden. We saw lots of beautiful plants and flowers.

Our end of term trip was a fantastic trip to the seaside! We had a yummy fish and chip lunch and for dessert we had an ice cream! Yum!

Before we had to head back to school we got to see the hovercraft - it turned around and got us all wet!!

We hope you enjoy the photos of our lovely trips.


Fire Engine Visit

Recently we had a fire engine come and visit the school!

We had such a great time, we dressed up as fire fighters and even got to have a go with the hose!

Spring 2018


Welcome to Astronaut class Spring term!

We have had a fun filled, busy first half term! In literacy we have been reading stories linked to 'smells' such as Smelly Louie, Whiffy Wilson and The Bath Monster. These stories are very funny, and have helped us to practice our writing and reading skills and we are doing so well!

We have been learning lots in maths too! We have been learning about 2D shapes, telling the time and adding and subtracting number.

Our afternoons have been great fun too! In Geography we have been learning about volcanoes. We have made our own volcano paintings and watched volcanoes erupting. We have learned where volcanoes come from and more about what is beneath us in the earth. We are looking forward to making our own explosive volcanoes!

In computing we have been using the iPad's to make green screen pictures and videos...we have put our pictures in front of castles, beaches and with our favourite characters from the television.

We are looking forward to warmer weather, and have been preparing our outside area ready for spring by cleaning old pots and putting new soil in ready to plant seeds.