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Climate Crisis Project - 6th Form Blue




We were invited to create an art installation with other Hampshire schools and their communities to communicate our message and to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues. The piece will be called ‘Our Climate Change Forest’ and feature in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral.

 The messages will be about pressing environmental topics, from deforestation, carbon emissions, to air pollution and plastic production etc. The installation will feature QR codes that passers-by can scan to access information explaining the meaning behind each school's sculpture and their work in developing their understanding of our individual responsibility to global issues. It will also refer to Hampshire County Council’s thoughts about the Climate Crisis.

In our class, we looked at how environmental issues are affecting our world. For air pollution we made 'smog in a jar' to see how bad it is for all living things, for water pollution we discovered how hard it is to clean dirt and rubbish from water, and in a deforestation experiment we found out how hard it is to live without vegetation. As a result of these experiments, we decided to design our totem pole around the deforestation crisis.  


With further studies, we were shocked to find that a primary contributor of deforestation is tea plantations. In India especially, thousands of acres of forests have been cut down to make room for profitable tea plantations. Tea production has a negative impact on the environment. Our Totem Pole is made in the theme of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.