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Coldblow Farm 2015

School Residential Trip

Coldblow Farm 2015


A group of pupils from classes 8, 9 and 10 went on a school residential trip for 5 days and 4 nights in 2015 to Coldblow Farm. This residential trip offered fantastic opportunities to develop personal and social skills including independent skills, social interaction, self-esteem, self helps skills as well as well as offering an opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and trips.  All of these skills are also vital prepare our young people for adulthood and to lead as full and independent life as possible after school. 

During their stay pupils visited Bowles, an activity centre pupils were able to participate in sledging and archery. As well as the outdoor activity centre they also visited a zoo, leisure park, beach, castle and maze and ate out in restaurants. Staying in the house during this residential also helped to develop their independent and self helps skills.  It also encouraged choice making as well as social interaction, with the group eating and sitting together throughout the day. 

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