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What is Outreach?

Henry Tyndale is an accredited Outreach service supported by the Local Authority. It is offered as a partnership with our mainstream colleagues to support and maintain pupils in their current setting. Schools that would like support are advised to contact the Local Authority and Henry Tyndale Outreach service.

There are two tiers to Outreach services offered.

  • One is a Formal Arrangement with the Local Authority and Henry Tyndale to work in partnership with schools to provide Enhanced Outreach to identified pupils. This is a financial arrangement with the Local Authority and Henry Tyndale Outreach service which will provide a variety of support to schools as appropriate to meet needs. This will involve training and regular visits to work with teams to support pupils needs.
  • The second arrangement is to named pupils within schools to support needs. Schools complete a referral form which highlights the support required and then a visit from one of our Outreach team will be made to discuss needs further. Support may be in the form of; sign-posting training, working with teams to support systems and strategies that pupils may need, review of support implemented as required, work with individual pupils to gain a greater understanding of the support required and assessment and reporting of how things are going.

Enhanced Outreach

In partnership with the local authority Henry Tyndale carries out an Enhanced outreach programme to support SEND students in mainstream schools.  the Enhanced outreach programme is through the local authority and supports teaching , learning, training and inclusion for SEND students

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