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Early Years Stars

Summer Term 2021

It has been a very busy year in Star class, but one where the children have done lots of learning whilst having fun. We hope you have a lovely Summer and enjoy some videos of all our achievements this year. 

Morning and All day pupils

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Afternoon Pupils

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Spring Term 2021


It was wonderful to see all of the children return to Star Class in March. We have thoroughly enjoyed our Building topic and learnt all about 'The Three Little Pigs'. We made houses out of sticks, straw and bricks for the pigs and acted out this story using masks and props. Feeling the fan blowing, when the wolf hufffed and puffed, was our favourite part of the story and some of Star Class have learnt to join in with the repetitive phrases during this story. We have also been working with a friend to create our own buildings using construction equipment and have enjoyed riding on the big digger in our building site role play area. 

Star Class have also continued to work on their fine motor skills during Happy Hands sessions and they have been developing their threading and pencil skills, exploring clay with their hands, opening and closing fastenings and using their index fingers to activate toys and equipment. 

Autumn 2020

This term, seven new friends joined us in Star Class and they have all settled in very quickly. We have all been learning about 'Our Senses' and 'Darkness and Light' this term and we especially enjoyed making shakers and smoothies and decorating the class Christmas tree, during topic sessions.


Star Class have been working on developing their dressing and waiting skills during P.E. sessions this term. The children are now able to sit on the red mat, when they enter the hall, to take off their shoes and socks and they wait for the warm-up music to play before leaving the red mat. 


The children have also made huge progress on their communication skills this term. Several of the new children have started to use PECS and are learning the daily routine through the use of TEACCH symbols, with gradually reducing support. The children that are spending their second year in Star Class, have also made progress in this area by moving onto TEACCH schedules, using distance and persistence skills when using their PECS and by saying single words to name items and to make requests.

Summer 2020

Star Class pupils have been enjoying minibeasts and water activities at home and at school during this term.

The photographs below show some of the water activities that we have done at school, this half term. These include making ice lollies and seaside biscuits, acting out the story of Mr. Gumpty's Outing, learning about floating and sinking, decorating gingerbread man pictures and releasing toys that have been frozen.


We have also been playing with water, activating the water wall and exploring our new large piece of equipment in the playground.  


Spring Term 2020

'Toys' and 'Transport' were the two topics that we enjoyed during the Spring Term. The children brought in a toy from home and showed their classmates how they play with it. Some of the children also allowed their classmates to play with their toy as well. We all went on a Teddy Bears' picnic, made Miss Polly's dolly feel better and created hand puppets.

All of the children, also had our class Teddy, 'Trevor', visit their homes for a sleepover. From reading Trevor's diary, it is clear that he was well fed, played with the children and their siblings and went on some exciting adventures.

During our 'Transport' topic, the children made transport models out of recyclable materials and they all helped us make a huge train for our role play area. They also all had a turn to dress up as the train driver and collect the tickets from their classmate passengers. Toot, Toot! 

Autumn Term 2019

We welcomed 16 new children into Star Class this term and they have all settled in very well. During this term we have been working on the topics 'My Family and Me' and 'Festivals and Celebrations'. We have used different parts of our bodies to explore different textures, shared photographs of our families and participated in bonfire night, birthday and Christmas activities.


During this term, we have been setting up the hall on Fridays with a variety of activities focusing on the 'Understanding of the World' area of learning. All of the Early Years children have been accessing these activities and have been able to develop their skills in using small world and technology toys and equipment.


Summer Term 2019

In Star Class this term we have been looking at Buildings and Pets and Farm Animals.  During our buildings topic for the first half of the term we did a lot of work around the Three Little Pigs and learned how straw and sticks do not make good building materials for houses!  As part of our Pets and Farm Animals topic during the second half of the term we looked at the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin (not that rats would be everyone’s first choice of pet) and all dressed up as the Pied Piper and had a go at playing a flute like his.


We have really enjoyed our visits over to the main site where we have been able to swim and use soft play, the adventure playground and sensory room.  We would like to wish everybody a lovely summer holiday.

Spring Term 2019

In Star Class, we have been very busy and had great fun celebrating Pancake Day this term. We explored all of the ingredients and then mixed them together to make a batter. After the batter was cooked, we tasted some of the pancakes with different toppings and we used some of the pancakes for our pancake races. 


Autumn Term 2018-second half

During the second half of the autumn term, we had a fantastic bonfire night assembly with our friends in Moon Class, which linked well with our Darkness and Light topic. We worked together to make a very colourful firework picture, sang songs about fireworks and made edible sparklers.

Autumn Term 2018-first half


After an exciting, successful and fun packed first year at the new Early Years site, we welcomed 13 new children into Star Class. They have all settled very quickly and fully participated in our 'Senses' topic.

We thoroughly enjoyed the story of Handa's Surprise this half term and gave our Handa lots of kisses and cuddles and helped her carry her basket of fruit. We then used Handa's fruit to enjoy a tasting session and to create wonderful fruit printing pictures.

Feeling a variety of different textures and materials, making our own shakers to play during music sessions and smelly a range of different smells during topic sessions, were some of our favourite activities this half term. Unexpectedly, Marmite was our favourite smell.