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Jupiter Class

Autumn 2019


Jupiter Class have had an excellent start to the academic year. We have had so much fun learning about magical worlds. We have learned about magical creatures, magical people and magical powers. We really enjoyed dressing up and our favourite lesson was making magical potions! Our story has been linked to this topic, 'Alice in Wonderland'. It has been really fun dressing up as the different characters, especially as the White Rabbit as you get to 'fall' through a tunnel! We have been learning to recall the story and to answer questions about it too.


In maths, we have been learning about numbers, especially focusing on the concepts of more, less and finding the difference. We really enjoy our money lessons, even though it can be quite tricky. We know we need to learn about money so that we can buy toys! We have also been learning about Time and Shape. 


In PE we have been enjoying doing gymnastics routines on the apparatus as well as going swimming and bowling. 


See you all in 2020!



Summer Term 2019

Jupiter Class have had a great Summer Term. We have really enjoyed learning about Japan. The students have found it really fun to learn some of the language and it has been lovely to hear them saying Konichiwa (Hello) and Sayonara (Goodbye); along the school corridors. The children have enjoyed trying and making Japanese food as well as designing their own Kimono, after trying on an authentic one from Tokyo. Most of all, the children loved our Japan themed day. They made some sushi, tried some Aikido and arranged flowers. They loved having their parents join us in the afternoon to make koi carps and paint traditional fans – thank you for coming! Jupiter Class have had a great year, they have all grown up and become more independent and it has been lovely to see.

Thanks for being a great class Jupiter 2019.

We hope you all have a fantastic summer!

Spring 2019

The Spring Term has been really fun in Jupiter Class. We have been working hard on our literacy and maths skills, learning about our bodies and keeping them healthy in PE. We’ve also cooked some delicious healthy treats! Our favourite thing this term has been learning all about dinosaurs! We have been reading stories about dinosaurs and looking at non-fiction books too. We learned about their habitats and what food they eat. The student’s especially enjoyed creating a dinosaur landscape! In the last few weeks of term have been designing and making our own dinosaur and we shall learn about how they came to an end and how to excavate for fossils!

Autumn Term 2018


Jupiter Class have had a great Autumn Term. We have especially enjoyed our Space topic and Cookery this term. We have been learning about The Solar System and Space travel and it has been great fun. We especially enjoyed making the planets with papier-mache, and making a huge rocket so we could go into space! In cookery we have been making breakfast as part of our ASDAN work. We made cooked breakfast, cereal, porridge, toast, breakfast bars and American pancakes. It’s been a yummy term!

We are now looking forward to the excitement of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of Jupiter Class!

Summer 2018

We have been working really hard this summer term. Jupiter Class have been learning all about Habitats in Science and Climates in Geography. We have been learning which animals live in which habitats and why. We had a really fun trip to Pets at Home to see different animals in different man-made habitats. We have been making the most of the sunny weather and especially enjoyed learning a poem about ice-cream; ok so maybe we mostly enjoyed eating ice-cream! We also had a great Sport’s afternoon at Samuel Cody, making lots of new friends.


We hope you all have a great summer holiday, let’s hope the sun continues to shine!

From Jupiter Class

Jupiter Class - Spring 2018


This term, Jupiter Class have had a great time in Literacy, working hard on our phonics and writing. In Maths we have enjoyed learning about Mass and Money. In Science we designed and carried out an experiment about forces and how difference forces change speed. One of our favourite lessons was in History when we had a go at Semaphore, learning about the history of communication. We also loved learning Morris Dancing in PE and in Art we especially enjoyed making our Jackson Pollock canvases – we hope you liked them!

We cannot wait for the Summer Term.