Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Meteor Class

For the Spring term in Meteor class we have been learning about Dinosaurs. This has been an exciting topic and has given many opportunities to learn and explore in a variety of ways. We have been discovering what dinosaurs ate, what they looked like and how they became extinct.

Some of our English lessons have been split with some students taking part in a dinosaur sensory story called ‘Dinosaur Dinosaur’, and the rest of the class reading ‘The Twits’. There are groupings for phonics and attention autism as well. For both Dinosaur Dinosaur and The Twits we have done creative lessons such as making disgusting spaghetti for The Twits and dinosaur habitats for the dinosaur story.

Swimming has continued to be a focus, has good progress is showing. Swimming is universally enjoyed and it is an important part of the week for social and fitness reasons.

In maths we continued with position and direction during PE lessons and weight and mass during cookery. As well as this we have been concentrating on money, which can be a challenging topic. We have been using real money to help with this and setting up role play scenarios to purchase items.

It has been a busy term, filled with exciting and fun activities.