Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Meteor Class

It has been a peculiar term, one we won't forget about. The sense of community and togetherness has been amazing in the school and everyone in Meteor class has work incredibly hard to keep things running as normal as possible. In class we have been learning about the extreme earth, which has included volcanoes, deserts and storms. We have also had a heavy focus on personal and social development such as hand washing. I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer holiday, finding time to relax and hopefully enjoy some sunny weather. 

Spring 2020


During the spring term the topic in KS3 was emergency room. Meteor class enjoyed exploring this topic in many different ways including having a look and handling some basic medical equipment such as tongue depressors, bandages and a stethoscope. As well as this we made our own medicine by mixing different ingredients such as peppermint, sugar, ginger and coffee. It was good fun experimenting with this and then writing down the ingredients. Adding to this topic I made a hospital themed board game which helped everyone learn about the purposes of the various departments, and it also supported team building, turn taking and social skills.

In maths we explored length and height, measuring different items using standard and non-standard units of measure. As well as this we continued to learn about number, doubling and halving and multiplication by repeated addition, as well as continuing to develop our addition and subtraction skills.

During the spring term we also covered the topic of relationship sexual education, which involved learning about the body, external and internal body parts, hygiene such as hand washing and the changes we go through during puberty.

The spring term has been enjoyable with lots of exciting new topics covered and achievements from the students. We all hope that everyone is managing well and staying safe during this uncertain time and managing to access the activities to keep some normality. Keep safe and we hope to see everyone in school again soon.

Autumn Term 2019


This term in Meteor class we have been learning all about Magical Worlds. This started with the book ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’; the students enjoyed learning about the adventure of the 4 siblings, Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter. We focused on what is and isn’t real, such as witches, magical creatures and strange worlds that have different coloured landscapes. We enjoyed making our own Top-Trump cards, and writing about the different characters in the story. Following on, we read the story Zog by Julia Donaldson, which is about a dragon school following the pupil Zog. Students worked hard on making their own dragon school posters, and making up a new type of dragon.

In Maths, there has been a heavy focus on number, money and time. For number students worked well on improving their adding and subtracting skills, using a combination of games, work tasks and sorting activities to develop their knowledge. This led onto doubling and halving, for which they made a set of dominos, played bowling and more sorting tasks. Money was covered when we went shopping weekly, and followed up in class with coin recognition activities, sorting and games such as bingo. For time, we spent each lesson using clocks which led onto different tasks such as changing the hands on the clock, tasks around the days of the weeks and seasons and finally a focus on timing things, therefore achieving a better knowledge on how long something takes to complete or do.

As we have come closer to Christmas our focus has included related lessons, such as the story changing to ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’. For maths we are now learning about 2D shapes, making Christmas cards as a part of that. Students have also enjoyed Christmas write dance lessons, and coming up a class trip to see a pantomime and a craft afternoon.


Meteor class we have been learning about Dinosaurs. This has been an exciting topic and has given many opportunities to learn and explore in a variety of ways. We have been discovering what dinosaurs ate, what they looked like and how they became extinct.

Some of our English lessons have been split with some students taking part in a dinosaur sensory story called ‘Dinosaur Dinosaur’, and the rest of the class reading ‘The Twits’. There are groupings for phonics and attention autism as well. For both Dinosaur Dinosaur and The Twits we have done creative lessons such as making disgusting spaghetti for The Twits and dinosaur habitats for the dinosaur story.

Swimming has continued to be a focus, has good progress is showing. Swimming is universally enjoyed and it is an important part of the week for social and fitness reasons.

In maths we continued with position and direction during PE lessons and weight and mass during cookery. As well as this we have been concentrating on money, which can be a challenging topic. We have been using real money to help with this and setting up role play scenarios to purchase items.

It has been a busy term, filled with exciting and fun activities.