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Moon Class 2019 - 2020

Autumn 2019


This year all the pupils have settled really well into Moon class and have got straight back into learning after the summer holidays. Our topics this term have been fantastic families and festivals and celebrations. The children have learnt all about families and festivals in fun ways and are now ready for the Christmas break. Before that happens we have a trip to the pantomime and a Christmas party happening where friends and families can all come and celebrate in school together. We hope you enjoy some pictures of our learning below and look forward to seeing you in 2020.


Enjoy smiley

Moon Class 2018 - 2019

Summer 2019


Throughout the summer term moon class have continued to work hard in their learning whilst having fun and enjoying school. We have been out in the sun doing plenty of outdoor exploring and water play and also looking back at the year as a whole. We recently enjoyed the EY and reception class sports day where all the pupils worked really hard in their teams and races. We even had a parent’s race and considering the 25 degree heat the effort on display was amazing! Parents got involved and really engaged with the children which was wonderful to see. It truly was an event enjoyed by all! It has been a great year for moon class and I wish everyone all the best in their next classes and hope that everyone has a wonderful summer holiday.

See you in the new year!



Spring 2019


This term in moon class we have looked at the seasons and shopping as our topics. We learnt about all the different seasons and even managed to experience all the seasons in one week! Having snow, rain and sun so close together. As part of our spring topic we got to see and handle real chicks which was amazing! They were so small and fluffy we had to be careful.


As part of our shopping topic we visited different kinds of shops and linked it to cooking where we would find the ingredients for a recipe and then make that item later in the week. We finished the term by having a mother’s day afternoon tea party where we made sandwiches, scones, cakes and lots of other tasty treats for our mums. We also went to B and Q to buy flowers and flower pots to do some gardening after we had had our party. It was a lovely event enjoyed by all!


We have as always been working hard but having lots of fun at the same time and we are excited for the summer term and some good weather so we can learn more outside.


Enjoy smiley

Autumn Term 2018


Welcome back to the new school year! Everyone has been getting to know their new friends in Moon class and we have been working really hard and having lots of fun as you will see in some of our pictures below. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we have enjoyed the last few weeks!


Enjoy smiley

Moon Class 2017 - 2018

We have had a lovely Summer Term in Moon Class. We all had a fantastic day out during the summer term at Thames Valley Adventure playground in Maidenhead, a playground especially adapted for children with special needs. We luckily had our trip on a cooler day before we had the spell of really hot weather. The pupils had a fantastic day exploring a range of equipment there such as an accessible roundabout, indoor soft play and sensory rooms, as well as a very large sandpit. Many of the pupils had a fantastic time with the wooden walkway with long ramps which went up and over a bridge and down the other side that many loved running around repeatedly. Asnother favourite was riding the go-karts and bikes and a chair ride where they could be pulled around by the staff which they loved. Many of the pupils also rode a large trike with their firends having a ride on the back! The large trampoline was also bounced on numerous times.  Everyone had a turn on the zip swing and there were lots of smiles whilst whizzing along on this.

We have been enjoying our topic 'under the sea' and enjoyed our songs about, fish, pirates and our favourite 'baby shark' song which has turned into a class anthem!

We wish all of Moon Class children a wonderful summer holiday!

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Spring Term 2018

Moon class have been busy this term with a variety of activities.  We started the term with our topic of 'How things work' experimenting with making our own balloons containing different fillings.  We enjoyed finding out how some different toys worked. We thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the 'Lookout Discovery Centre' in Bracknell and took part in a short workshop about 'pushes and pulls' and all had a turn taking part in the show.  We really enjoyed the building area in the centre along with the water play area and the many interactive features there.

We enjoyed a shared assembly with Stars class based around 'pancake day' and everyone had a turn at flipping the pancake in the frying pan and then choosing toppings to eat one afterwards!

After the half term break we came back and had a lovely Mother's day tea party, where we sang some songs and presented the mums with a handmade card and a flower 'cup' that we had put together. Afterwards we shared a play in the garden with all of the mums, grandmas and aunties.

We came back after half term to a new larger playground area which everyone has been particularly enjoying allowing a longer stretch to ride on the trikes. There is a small beam which has doubled up as the 'log' for the 5 speckled frogs song which we have been learning and the children have been jumping as the frogs from this.

Our topic this second half of term has been 'life cycles' and we have been learning about frogs and caterpillars and making a variety of crafts to accompany this topic. We particularly liked seeing the chicks on the main site as well as having a stroke with them.

We also managed to fit in some snow walking and investigating in our garden when we had the snowy weather!

We will be finishing our spring term with an Easter egg hunt!


December 2017

Moon class have been continuing enjoying their new class at Early Years site. We have been visiting the main school site (big school as we call it) for our weekly swimming sessions in the Hydrotherapy pool which we love. We always start our swimming session with a couple of songs and ‘ring-a –ring-a-roses and ‘wheels on the bus’ are our firm favourites.

At the end of the autumn term we enjoyed having Apollo class over to us to watch our dress rehearsal for our nativity play. Afterwards they stayed and had drink and snack with us and the next day we enjoyed a visit back to watch the infant department’s Christmas play dress rehearsal and were kindly returned the favour and had drinks and snacks in Apollo’s class and then stayed for a play in their play area.

Recently we have been busy practising and then performing our Christmas play to our families of parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles. We all did really well and showed everyone the songs we had learnt, along with the actions and playing our instruments. We also enjoyed our visit to the church where luckily we knew lots of the songs so could play our bells along to them.

In class we have been making lots of different Christmas crafts including a snowman mask, a hanging bauble, salt dough tea light diva and our Christmas cards for our families. We have loved doing our Christmas songs although we can’t decide which is our favourite song between ‘jingle bells’ and ‘reindeer pokey’!

Autumn term 2017

Moon class have now moved into the Early Years site in Mayfield Road in Farnborough along with the Early Years Stars class.  All of the children including those who moved up from Stars class and those children who are new into our school have all settled extremely well, quickly adjusting to new surroundings and routines.

This first half term we have been doing some work around the natural autumnal weather which has seen us outside collecting leaves to use for our art work and making our own scarecrows during our sensory Harvest assembly we had recently.

Our topic has been 'fantastic families' and we have been enjoying a range of family orientated stories, dressing up as little red riding hood and granny, along with looking at our different family photographs. On the last day of this half term we are looking forward to welcoming our grandparents in to share in our work and play for the afternoon.



Moon Class 2016 - 2017

Summer Term 2017

We have had a lovely Summer Term in Moon Class. We all had a fantastic day out towards the end of the summer term at Thames Valley Adventure playground in Maidenhead, a playground especially adapted for children with special needs. We luckily had our trip on a cooler day following a spell of really hot weather. The pupils had a fantastic day exploring a range of equipment there such as an accessible roundabout, zip swing that they all had great fun having a ride on, indoor soft play area, as well as a very large sandpit. Another favourite was the wooden walkway with long ramps which went up and over a bridge and down the other side that many loved running around repeatedly. We finished the day riding the go-karts and bikes and a chair ride where they could be pulled around by the staff which they loved. We even had a hose pipe spraying water over the area and had lots of fun running underneath this!

Our most recent topic has been on Zoo Animals and the pupils have enjoyed learning about different animals. They all found it funny to listen the sound camels make! We have all been practising our penguin waddles too, waddling across the classroom! They have made collage penguins and zebras and some Elmer the Elephant tissue paper designs which are on our class window as sun catchers.


We wish all of Moon Class children a wonderful summer holiday!

Moon class have just come back from a lovely day trip to Alice Holt Forest in Farnham.  This time although it didn't rain it was cold enough towards the end of the summer term for us to have to wear our coats!  We went for a walk through the woods and looked at lots of the posters that told us about different trees and leaves.  We even looked for some big pine cones and also found some which the squirrels had nibbled and eaten.


We climbed up a 'bat' climbing frame (those of us who wanted to) and looked over the top and had our photo taken.  Later on during our walk we found some brilliant wooden tunnels and loved climbing through these too.


We had our picnic lunch together on the picnic tables.  Next to us some boys our age were visiting from Australia and came over to say hello to us and even came to find us to play when we finished our day with a play in the wooden play park. 

Spring Term 2017

In the second half of the spring term 2017 Moon class have enjoyed having the chicks visit us.  We talked about how they had started as eggs in their shells and how they had hatched out of the egg.  We had them visit us in our classroom and we looked at them in their incubator and watched them eat their food (and jump in their food bowl!). We then got a chick out and all had a turn of stroking it and we were all very gentle with it.

We have loved practising and singing the 'spring chicken' song and we did this for our mummies when they came for our special 'Mother's Day Tea Party'.

In the spring term we have seen five of Moon class move onto Spaceship class and had five new friends join our class. As our topic this half term is the seasons we have been working most recently on winter.  We know that in this cold weather we need to always wear a coat and have been trying hard to put on our own coats.  In our art sessions we have made some snowflakes and completed some snowman paintings and have taken part in some role play sessions, dressing up in hat, scarves and gloves. In cookery sessions we have made snowman biscuits and particularly enjoyed warm toast and crumpets.

Autumn Term 2016

During the second half of the Autumn Term we practised hard for our parts in the infant nativity play.  We all coped very well with the disruption of our usual timetable and spending time rehearsing in the hall.  We all wore our costumes and did a wonderful performance to our parents and family watching us.  Some of us performed some speaking parts using the microphone or using a switch to say our part.  As part of the infant department we also enjoyed an afternoon visit to the Fleet panto 'Snow White and the 7 Dwarves'.  We joined in clapping and singing especially when they sang 'Reach for the Stars' song which we had also sung in our nativity, so we were very good at joining in with the words and actions!

Welcome to Moon Class.

Moon class have had a good start to the autumn 2016 term.  We have been getting to know each other as we have some new friends in Moon class who have joined us from the Early Years class. We have been enjoying the lovely September sunshine and have made use of this by visiting the park next to school, which we walked to and we have also visited King George V park in Farnborough.  We liked to discover the different equipment to use and between the whole class have used the climbing frame, the walkway, the slide, the sunken trampoline, the bird's nest swing, the roundabout (which lots of us can use at the same time), and the equipment which we can sit on and slide along and another one where we bounced up and down and around at the same time, really practising our balancing and gross motor skills. We found a great table in the middle of the park which we could all sit around together and enjoyed a drink and snack together too!

In November we walked around to the park next to school.  As many leaves had fallen on the floor we wore our waterproof trousers and went around to play in the leaves, kicking through them and making a big pile of leaves, as well as playing on the playground equipment whilst we were there.