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Moon Class 2019-2020

Summer 2020


Well the Summer term has looked very different this year, but our pupils have had a great opportunity to spend more time with their families and have smaller learning bubbles when in school. Although it has been a time of learning for all involved, the pupils have shown great resilience and adaptability throughout, which is a real testament to their character! We hope you enjoy some pictures of our lockdown learning below and have a lovely summer holiday!


Enjoy smiley

Spring 2020


2020 has started well for those in Moon class with lots of learning and fun being had by everyone. Moon class have looked at the topics "How it's made" and "People who help us" this term. We have looked at different materials and toy mechanisms, and the children made their own wooden door signs. To learn about people who help us the children have taken part in role play sessions, made arts and crafts to match emergency services and learnt how to stay safe by hand washing. We have also been fortunate enough to celebrate world book day, pancake day and many 5th birthdays in Moon class! Throughout the term all have also enjoyed a range of activities throughout their school days, and we hope you enjoy looking through some of our pictures below. We look forward to seeing everyone when it is safe to do so.


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Autumn 2019


This year all the pupils have settled really well into Moon class and have got straight back into learning after the summer holidays. Our topics this term have been fantastic families and festivals and celebrations. The children have learnt all about families and festivals in fun ways and are now ready for the Christmas break. Before that happens we have a trip to the pantomime and a Christmas party happening where friends and families can all come and celebrate in school together. We hope you enjoy some pictures of our learning below and look forward to seeing you in 2020.


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Moon Class 2018 - 2019

Summer 2019


Throughout the summer term moon class have continued to work hard in their learning whilst having fun and enjoying school. We have been out in the sun doing plenty of outdoor exploring and water play and also looking back at the year as a whole. We recently enjoyed the EY and reception class sports day where all the pupils worked really hard in their teams and races. We even had a parent’s race and considering the 25 degree heat the effort on display was amazing! Parents got involved and really engaged with the children which was wonderful to see. It truly was an event enjoyed by all! It has been a great year for moon class and I wish everyone all the best in their next classes and hope that everyone has a wonderful summer holiday.

See you in the new year!



Spring 2019


This term in moon class we have looked at the seasons and shopping as our topics. We learnt about all the different seasons and even managed to experience all the seasons in one week! Having snow, rain and sun so close together. As part of our spring topic we got to see and handle real chicks which was amazing! They were so small and fluffy we had to be careful.


As part of our shopping topic we visited different kinds of shops and linked it to cooking where we would find the ingredients for a recipe and then make that item later in the week. We finished the term by having a mother’s day afternoon tea party where we made sandwiches, scones, cakes and lots of other tasty treats for our mums. We also went to B and Q to buy flowers and flower pots to do some gardening after we had had our party. It was a lovely event enjoyed by all!


We have as always been working hard but having lots of fun at the same time and we are excited for the summer term and some good weather so we can learn more outside.


Enjoy smiley

Autumn Term 2018


Welcome back to the new school year! Everyone has been getting to know their new friends in Moon class and we have been working really hard and having lots of fun as you will see in some of our pictures below. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we have enjoyed the last few weeks!


Enjoy smiley