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Neptune Class Autumn Term 2022


This term our topics have been 'Keeping safe and Healthy' where we explored healthy eating, safety and internal body parts, and 'Exploring light' where we had a focus on natural and man made light sources. 


We enjoyed a range of different stories about the heart, lungs and brain as well as stories about fireworks and stars. We have also enjoyed make lots of different snacks using different coloured, healthy, foods. 

We have enjoyed celebrating different occasions, such as, Children in Need, Bonfire Night, Halloween and Christmas! At the end of the term we were lucky enough to meet Santa and get a lovely present as well as going to see the 'Snow White' pantomime which we all loved! Our class, along with Apollo class, performed a Christmas play and everyone loved it and did really well!


The children have all settled really well into their new class with new adults and new peers and have already developed some lovely friendships! 


We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we will see you in the new year!
Kerry and the Neptune team


Summer term 2022


This term we were lucky enough to go on some exciting trips and take part in some lovely activities! We celebrated the platinum jubilee! Students and adults came in wearing red, white and blue. We learnt about who the queen is and what the jubilee meant and then went out onto the playground with the whole school for a celebration.


We were all very excited to go to Kids Day Out this term, where we went on lots of different rides and bouncy castles, got temporary tattoos and saw some farm animals. 

At the end of the term we visited Thames Valley Adventure Park. Everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities including going in the sand pit, in the splash pad, on swings, zip lines, climbing frames, trikes and trampolines and going in the soft play and sensory room. We all had lots of fun and everyone played very nicely together.


We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you in September!

Kerry and the Neptune Class team





Spring term 2022


This term our topics have been 'How things work' and 'vehicles - air, rail and water'.

We enjoyed learning to use different equipment in art and cooking, such as, an electric mixer, a microwave, glue sticks and tape. We also read lots of different stories, including, Room on the Broom. We did lots of role playing and dressed up as the characters for World Book Day. 


We have been lucky enough to go on a few trips, such as going to the park, the garden centre and, more recently, the aeroplane museum. We were very excited to see the planes and we got to have a go at sitting in them!


We ended the term with some lovely Easter activities. We made some Easter cards, Easter nests and had an Easter egg hunt on the last day of term.


We have had lots of fun this term as shown in the pictures below!

Autumn term 2021


This term our topics have been 'Family and Friends' and 'Festivals and Celebrations'.

During our 'family and friends' topic we read lots of different stories about different family members, we shared pictures of our families and we made a Neptune and Apollo family tree display with all of our handprints and pictures. In cooking we have been working on using different tools to make and prepare food. We have been using knives to cut and spread, graters to grate cheese and peelers to peer apples and potatoes!

During our 'festival and celebrations' topic we enjoyed celebrating lots of different occasions, including, Children in Need, Jeans for Genes Day, Bonfire Night, Birthdays, Hanukkah and, of course, Christmas! We have made lots of different things in art to celebrate these occasions, such as, Pudsey bear ears, firework pictures, Menorah candle pictures and some lovely Christmas crafts! Towards the end of the term we were lucky enough to go on a lovely trip the Henry Street garden centre to have a look at all the Christmas decorations and displays. Everyone loved looking at all the lights and they particularly enjoyed watching the singing reindeer! To end the term we did our Nativity performance with Apollo class where all of the children dressed up as different characters, read some lines and danced to some songs. It was a wonderful performance and everyone did so well. What a lovely way to end the term!


We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Take care and stay safe

Kerry and the Neptune team.

Summer Term 2021


This term we have had two new topics, 'where does my food come from' and 'zoo animals'.

During our 'where does my food come from' topic we enjoyed growing cress, making cheese sandwiches and making popcorn using a popcorn machine. In PE we were practicing our climbing and balancing skills by using the apparatus and making obstacle courses. For our 'zoo animals' topic we have enjoyed reading Dear Zoo and making lots of arts and crafts based around the different animals in the story. In PE this half term we have been practicing moving like animals, such as running like a cheetah and stomping like an elephant. 


Near the beginning of the term we were lucky enough to get to see the chicks which had been hatched in another class in the school. We were all fascinated by them and each got to stroke and/or hold the chicks, which was very exciting!


Towards the end of the term we celebrated sports day in our bubbles. The students enjoyed doing different activities, such as, playing parachute games, throwing bean bags at a target and running races. 


Although it has been an unusual time, Neptune have had a lovely year. We would like to wish everyone a lovely summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you all in the new school year. Whether staying in Neptune class or moving onto new classes, we wish you all the best.


Kerry and the Neptune team

Spring term 2021


Neptune class are so happy to be back at school after a very different start to the term! The children have all coped well with the changes and we are so proud of all of them! We have been working hard to make sure everyone feels settled and comfortable back in school and the students have all made great progress in lots of different areas, especially communication!

In the first half term we were looking at 'seasons' and lots of that work was done at home!
This half term we have been looking at 'building sites'. We have been exploring lots of different materials and building houses out of boxes as well as using duplo and blocks to build towers and buildings. We have read 'The Three Little Pigs' and made their different houses using straw, sticks and paper bricks. We have had a tuff tray filled with sand in the playground and the children have enjoyed exploring it with their hands as well as using toy diggers. We are ending the term with some lovely Easter activities.


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and we look forward to the Summer term with our topic 'where does my food come from'
Kerry and the Neptune team.

Autumn 2020


This term Neptune class have adjusted to their new environment and the bubble system well and have made some lovely new friendships along the way.


This half term they have taken part in a range of activities connected to our topic of habitats, including, making tree art and reading The Gruffalo. We are finishing this topic by looking at arctic habitats and linking that to our Christmas Production (which will be recorded and sent home virtually in the last week of term)

We have recently started doing phonics sessions every day and they have all made excellent progress and really enjoy the sessions!


Christmas activities will be slightly different this year, however we are lucky enough to be having a zoom call with Santa in the last week of term where he will talk to all of our class and give them a present each. This is funded by Woodlarks which is a charity who we usually go to visit for a Christmas trip.


It has been a lovely term and we have had a lot of fun as seen in the pictures below.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

Kerry and the Neptune team





Summer Term

It has been a very strange term for everyone, but I am so proud of Neptune Class. They have all shown great resilience and have coped with the change so well. It has been lovely to see everyone either in class or on zoom calls from their homes. 


This term we have been learning about different types of transport, reading stories such as 'You can't take an Elephant on a Bus!', 'Whatever Next!', 'Dinosaur Zoom' and lots more. We have made hot air balloons, boats, cars, tractors, rockets and diggers in maths, art and cooking. We have been doing lots of attention autism sessions around transport which have been a great success.


In school we have also been focusing on independence, completing workbox tasks every morning. We have combined this with sensory circuits in the classroom every day which has ensured that every student has been ready to learn. 


We want to say a huge thank you so much to all of our amazing parents for keeping our students happy and healthy and have ensured a continued love for learning through completing work sent home and feeding back when more work was needed. It has been so lovely to hear what everyone has been doing.


I would also like to say a massive thank you to all my staff who have been superb throughout by making high interest resources, ensuring that strategies and systems have remained constant in Neptune and for making it possible for our students to return to school. 


We hope you all have a lovely Summer and look forward to seeing you all soon. 


Neptune Team

Spring Term


Neptune Class have been following two main topics this term: 'Weather' and 'Festivals and Celebrations.'


We have been learning about how to dress for different types of weather and experiencing the weather in different ways, looking at ice balloons and using salt and warm water to melt them; making windmills and wind wands whilst experiencing the wind outside, from a fan and by blowing; having Attention sessions on the rain and looking at and making rainbows. We have also based most of our Literacy stories on the weather. The most popular stories have included 'Shark in the park on a windy day,' 'Elmer and the Rainbow' and 'The Snowman.'


For Festivals and Celebrations we have made Chinese dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year and done the dragon dance in PE; made colourful T-shirts to celebrate Holi; made and tasted pancakes on Shrove Tuesday; made daffodils for St. David's Day; dressed up and danced for St. Patrick's Day; made cakes to celebrate birthdays and parties and we have made an extra effort to celebrate success in the classroom.


We hope that you are enjoying home learning and keeping safe! We look forward to seeing some of the students' home learning on our web page, so do please send photos in for us to enjoy.


See you all soon,


The Neptune Team

Neptune Class: Autumn 2019


Neptune Class have had a great start to the year, learning about many exciting things including ‘Families and Friends’ and ‘People who help us.’ We have been focussing on communication, interaction and attention, using lots of different forms of communication within the class including PECS, Makaton, symbols, communication boards, e-tran, eye gaze, ipads, speech and doing two bucket sessions each week which everyone has enjoyed.


Activities surrounding our topics have included a class Opticians, making glasses with different coloured lenses and using the eye test board as part of our phonics sessions. We have had a vet's surgery in class, reading symbols to see what is wrong with the animal, taking care and concern when bandaging the correct part of the toy animal to make it feel better. We have put out shaving foam fires by squirting water, made fire engines using different shapes, and lots more fun activities.


The last couple of weeks has focussed around Christmas maths, Christmas Literacy, Christmas crafts and Christmas cooking. Our Christmas Production continued our topic of 'People who help us' focussing on an adapted version of the book, 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. The children all had fun participating and although it was very overwhelming for some to see their family, everyone did really well.


Neptune Class have been out on some trips to the park this term and last Friday we all went on a special visit to Woodlarks or to the Pantomime for our Christmas Outing. (See more in special events.)


We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Love from, The Neptune Team

Spring 2019


Neptune Class have had a fantastic start to 2019, enjoying learning about growth, traditional fairy tales, position and direction, big and little, and lots more. They really enjoyed their visit from the fire station where they were able to wear the uniform, sit in the fire engine and learn about fire safety.

Neptune Class are looking forward to their Mother’s Day celebrations next week where we have organised some special activities for our visitors. We are also looking forward to Easter activities and seeing the ducklings in Rocket class.


We hope you have a lovely Easter,

From Neptune team

Neptune Class Slideshow Spring 2019

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