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Assessment at Henry Tyndale

At Henry Tyndale the learner is at the core for assessing progress. Our curriculum is broad and balanced meeting individual needs of our students. The curriculum, alongside specialist teaching approaches, provides consistency throughout the school. Therefore we have adapted and created assessment systems which accurately and meaningfully allow us to support the progress of our pupils.

Our Assessment systems support to:

  •  Inform planning, target setting and interventions.
  • Assist with the development of quality teaching strategies which motivate pupils.
  • Be accurate, reliable and consistent across the school using a range of evidence and strategies.
  • Gather and capture additional information necessary to provide a tailored education, of high quality to all pupils
  • Inform parents and carers of their child’s experiences and achievements.
  • Support the identification of barriers to learning and the development of strategies to overcome these.

Learning Journeys:

At Henry Tyndale all students have a personal online journey. The learning journey captures achievements which develop into a record of photos, videos observations and or comments and link to assessment frameworks for curriculum pathways. The learning journeys show progress over time from when the student started at Henry Tyndale to the point they leave. These are regularly shared with parents to celebrate progress and show impact of teaching and learning.

Termly Progress Meetings

  • Our meetings focus on pupil progress against gradings, individual provision, support and need
    • Therapist are involved
    • Look at Earwig progress data for individual student
    • Rate student progress against; Rapid, Good, Expected, Some progress, not made progress
    • Moderation supports gaps, progress and focus areas for school improvement  and individual student
    • Teacher support and challenge to improve teaching and learning

Parental input and pupil views on progress and meeting needs

Parents are an integral part of measuring individual progress. We request, record and analyse parental views on their child’s progress. Our aim is for all parents to be happy with progress made and we ask this specifically in an Annual Review and take additional comments. We also seek parental views through regular questionnaires and other means during the school year. Pupil views are also important part of our EHCP process. Where appropriate students join parts of the review, provide feedback and are an integral part of their progress and aspirations.



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