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Coldblow Farm

Some pupils from Jupiter and Asteroid classes are currently on a residential trip to Coldblow Farm.



We had a great first day and really enjoyed our trip on the Bluebell Railway in East Sussex on our way to Coldblow Farm. The weather has been good, meaning we could have a picnic lunch at Sheffield Park beforehand. As we go stuck in traffic we had McDonalds for dinner but we will eat something healthier tomorrow after our trip to Leeds Castle and Maidstone Leisure Centre. This evening we arrived at the accommodation, unpacked our luggage and settled in ready for a busy but fun week.




Today we have been to Leeds Castle where we took part in lots of different activities. We enjoyed climbing around the huge adventure playground and making the grown-ups follow us up and down the ladders, walkways and slides! After lunch we conquered the maze and stumbled upon the hidden grotto in the middle. As well of lots of walking through the beautiful grounds surrounding the castle we also went on a boat ride across a lake and travelled on the road train. The weather was once again fantastic so we went to Maidstone Splashpool to cool off. Some of us enjoyed the Jacuzzi whilst others were more energetic and went on the waterslide. Great fun was had by all and we are now exhausted and tucked up in bed fast asleep.


Today we ventured out to Howletts Zoo and were excited to go and see what animals we could find. Even though many of the animals were hidden in the shade as it was hot, we still saw lots of different species. Some of our favourites included the rhinos, elephants, monkeys and a tiger as well as the lionesses. Afterwards we headed to Herne Bay on the coast to walk along by the sea and the beach. It was a beautiful evening so we had a quick sit on the pebbles at the top of the beach and some of us hunted for shells. Then it was back to the accommodation for a well-earned sleep!

Coldblow Farm Wednesday


As part of our penultimate day on school residential we have been undertaking a range of exciting activities. Firstly we went to Chatham Ski Centre to have a ‘tubing’ session on the dry slope, which we all loved. It was a little strange to be on a ski slope in such hot weather but fun all the same. Afterwards we went to a country park and had our picnic under the shade of a tree, followed by a very slow walk around the lake. Once we had finished at the park we went ten pin bowling in Chatham and scored several strikes! To celebrate our final evening we went out for dinner at the Harvester and then drove back to Coldblow Farm to sleep as we were all really tired after our exploits.

Coldblow Farm Thursday

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