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Rocket Class

Rocket Class - Autumn - October 2022

Rocket Class have all settled well into the new term. Our topic has been 'Fire and Ice'.


In our cooking lessons we have been making a range of icy snacks such as smoothies and frozen yoghurt bark. We have been learning about the Great Fire of London in our History lessons through a sensory story. We used tea lights and red, orange and yellow fabric to imitate a fire, used fans to represent the wind making the fire bigger and a water spray to try and put the fires out. We also made houses from blocks and used flour as gunpowder to blow the houses up. We have been reading 'Zog' in our literacy lessons and have recreated a lesson Zog must complete, such as learning to roar. We have also been doing a write dance based on this story. In PE we have been exploring a range of hoops, balls and ropes. In Art we have been painting with ice, creating icy landscapes on foil and using different sensory paints such as mint flavoured for cold and cinnamon for hot. We have been on a few outings; to the park, the supermarket and the garden centre. Our phonics lessons have been through 'Attention' sessions. We have done the letters s, a and t this half term. Our music lessons have been a lot of fun. We have been exploring ice for 'Ice-Ice Baby' and making fireworks with ribbons for 'Firework' as well as carrying out actions and playing instruments for other songs such as 'Great Balls of Fire' and 'Fireball'. We also took part in Jeans for Genes day where we all dressed up as pirates as shown in the photos.


We hope you all have a lovely half term!


Jess and Chrissie

Rocket Class Autumn 2021

Christmas already! Rocket class have worked hard this term using are overriding topic of ‘Robots and Machines’ in much of our work. We have use machines to make our lives easier when cooking, some of us activating them with switches. Some of our goodies we cook go home, others we share in class, but our mini Christmas cakes will be going home. I wonder who will be lucky enough to sample them? We made a few extra so have already sampled them in school! Our cooking is always gluten and dairy free to ensure we are meeting everyone’s dietary requirements.


We made our own class robot mascots and enjoyed activating a range of switch activated toys which included robots. We programmed the Beebots to move in a range of directions.


At the beginning of December, we attended the Special School’s Christmas service at Winchester cathedral along with Comet class. The building is huge and so was their Christmas tree. We were only able to reach the lowest branches.


Next term our overriding topic will be ‘Native Animals’. We really hope we will be able to make visits out in the community to support this. All the team hope you have a happy, heathy festive holiday and send every good wish for the coming year.

Rocket Class Spring Term 2021


Wow, what a term! Rocket class have been working hard learning, exploring and experiencing activities linked to famous people in the last 2 centuries.  This includes all the many inventions that have changed our lives. Most of these use electricity, and make everything we do so much easier, but many involve getting hot so we need to take care. 

We are also really happy to all be back at school full time as we missed one another when numbers were limited.  We have been very luck and none of our students or staff have succumbed to COVID, but have all been washing our hands, and our teachers look funny wearing their masks!

Rocket Class Summer 2020


This term has been a strange one for everyone due to COVID-19 but Rocket Class were still able to learn lots both at school and at home and have lots of fun whilst doing it, as shown below!

Rocket Class Spring Term 2020


This term Rocket Class have been learning about Festivals and Celebrations and the Weather.


We have done lots of work around our weather topic including, wearing appropriate accessories for different weathers, for example, wellies, scarves and umbrellas. We have made lots of rain art and also read lots of stories. The children particularly enjoyed a story called 'The Rainy Day' as they were able to splash in a big puddle in the classroom.


For our topic of festivals and celebrations we have been lucky to celebrate some birthdays, St Patricks Day, Pancake Day, Chinese New Year, World Book Day and The Holi Festival. The children made party hats, Chinese dragon pictures, flipped pancakes and chose toppings, had a St Patrick's Day assembly, had some birthday parties and, for the Holi Festival, we made a very big painting using our bodies which all of the children enjoyed doing.


Rocket Class have had a lovely Spring term as can be seen in the pictures below.

We hope you are all enjoying home learning and are keeping safe and we look forward to hopefully seeing you all soon!

During the Autumn term we have been looking at 'people who help us'. We read some lovely books, including, Doris the Doctor and The Jolly Postman. We dressed up as doctors and pretended to use a stethoscope to hear heart beats. We also enjoyed making our own post boxes and writing letters to our friends.

In maths we have been focusing on recognising numbers. We have been using props when singing counting songs and counting up to 10.

We really enjoy write dance, where we learn early writing skills. We have been focusing on making deliberate marks in the shaving foam and trying to copy shapes and lines.


The pupils have settled into Rocket class really well this term. Please look at some pictures of our learning below.

Summer 2019 - Rushmoor in Bloom

In the Summer term we have been working hard to make our garden look lovely!  We started by getting the weeds out of our planters ready to make room for our new plants.  We went to Wilkinson's to choose some new plants to buy and then we came back to school to plant them.  We spent lots of time exploring the mud, practiced digging with a trowel, put the plants in the hole we had dug, filled it in with soil and then used the watering cans and hose pipe to water them regularly.  It was very messy and a lot of fun!

Ducklings - March 2019

We had a Fire Engine visit to the school which we really enjoyed. We got to dress up with firemen hat and coats and have a look around the fire engine.  We also saw the blue flashing lights. Our favourite thing to do was spray the hose against the target. It was such a lot of fun!



Christmas Production 2018

Rocket Class took part in the Infant Production 'A Christmas Journey'. We all played our parts of Elves, Reindeer and Snowflakes very well and enjoyed the singing and dancing!

Children in Need 2018

Still image for this video
In Rocket Class we 'Did Our Thing' for Children in Need.

Autumn Term 2018

Rocket Class have all settled well back into school after the summer holidays.  One of our topics has been 'Ourselves'.  We have been painting with different parts of our bodies such as our hands and feet.  We love getting messy! We have also been working on choice making with different coloured paints.


Jess (Rocket Class teacher)

Autumn Term 2018

Rocket Class have been learning about Pocahontas.  As part of this we went to Virginia Waters to see the totem pole there.  Luckily the sun was shining for us.  We had a picnic and a walk around the lake to feed the ducks too.  It was such a lot of fun!

Jess (Rocket Class Teacher)