Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Satellite Class

Summer Term 2020 


It has been a bit of an unusual term for Satellite Class due to COVID 19, but we have still managed to have fun, stay safe and learn lots both at home and school!


Spring Term 2020


This term Satellite class have focused on their spring topic 'Life on the farm' learning everything there is to know about farm life, from the animals and plantlife to the different jobs on the farm and what farming looks like in different countries! 

We have planted flowers in the garden ready for spring and various vegetable seeds, growing our own cress heads and carrots. In cooking we have looked at local farm produce and practiced key skills, learning to independently make meals such as scrambled eggs, omelettes, fruit muffins and even cooking tomato soup from scratch. Satellite have loved the opportunity to sit down and eat our freshly cooked food as a group with a cup of tea and a chat. 


In numeracy we have been working on our calculation skills, adding and subtracting using number lines and, for some, partitioning. We have also practiced our practical capacity skills in the yard and of course our money skills with trips to the cafe to buy some snacks. In Literacy we had a go at writing our own recipes and looked at making sentences. We also learnt about nouns, even going on a noun hunt around the school!
Our favourite project has been learning about farming around the world in Geography. We all researched different countries on the internet and looked at the plants that grew there and the climate. Together we studied news broadcasts and worked hard to write a script for our very own Henry Tyndale News, reporting live on farming from Australia to Aldershot!

To finish off our topic we had a visit from Millers Ark Mobile Farm and got to see and stroke lots of different animals including pigs,  goat, sheep, bunnies and chickens!


Autumn Term 2019


Satellite class have had a brilliant start to the year, getting to know each other and working hard on lots of exciting topics! We have been focusing on our theme of patterns throughout our learning this term. In cooking we have designed, made and evaluated lots of different patterned biscuits and cakes. We have looked at crystals and their patterns in Science and all had a go at making our own! We loved watching the crystals form and finding new ways to make them throughout the term. We even had the chance to go on a brilliant trip to Marwell Zoo to spot all the different animal patterns!


Our favourite topic was definitely our design technology mini project where we used all of the different patterns we had looked at through the term to design and make our own Joseph's Coat based on "Joseph and the technicolour dreamcoat"! We had to work hard as a team to choose our favourite parts of each others design to make the final, colourful coat... and we think it looks great!








In Numeracy we have been working hard on our addition and multiplication. We have enjoyed finding new ways to practice these skills, from making array cities to playing multiplication bingo! In the second half of the term we have been working on our weighing skills, finding lots of different objects to weigh on both digital and balance scales. 



In Literacy we have been exploring traditional tales and their alternative versions, thinking about what may happen in the alternative versions and looking at the differences and similarities. We all had the chance to role play as some of our favourite characters and act the story out with our friends! We also had the chance to write letters to our Headteacher asking for more time on the astroturf at playtime. As a result we had a letter back and all met with our Deputy Head to discuss our playtimes and managed to negotiate an extra day on the astroturf - Well done Satellite!



We are looking forward to our topic of 'life on the farm' next term in 2020... see you then!

Summer Term 2019

Satellite class have been looking at electricity in Science.  We have discussed how to be safe with electricity and what needs electricity to work.  We have also looked at how electricity powers things and had a go at making  our own circuits to light a light bulb.  We have also had a look at how static electricity works and did lots of fun experiments.


Our topics for history and geography this term was transport through time and travel.  We were lucky enough to visit Milestones Museum which resembled an old town and we were able to see how someone might have lived in a different time.  We also spotted lots of different modes of transport from the past and were fotunate enough to go on an old bus.