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Saturn Class

Spring term 2021

This term has been a busy one in Saturn class. Some of us did lots of home learning for a lot of the term but it is great to now have everybody back together again.

We have had great fun with our ‘Around the World’ topic. We learnt about Australia, China, France and India. We particularly enjoyed tasting foods from different countries! We made lanterns from China, digeridoos from Australia, flags from India and we created pictures in the style of the French artist, Matisse.

In food technology we have been making ‘Simple meals for myself’. This has included beans on toast, pizza, fruit kebabs and sandwiches. We have been really good at following the instructions and also asking for the things we need.

In PE we have been doing lots of yoga. We have been working on positioning our bodies in lots of different ways. Some of our favourites are the ‘tree’, the ‘boat’ and the ‘see-saw’.

Some of us have been making birthday cards to sell in Enterprise. We made lots of different designs, some with candles, others with balloons and even some with Minions on! They were lots of fun to make.

We have all been working really hard on our communication skills, using our voices, eye pointing, symbols and iPads.  

We have great fun on World Book Day.  Some of us dressed up as book characters such as Matilda, Wally and dinosaurs and we did lots of activities based on the story 'The Cat in the Hat' by Dr Seuss.  

We love getting outside at playtimes to play chase, football, swing on the swing, roll the hoops or just chat with our friends. We are all looking forward to the summer term and some more sunshine so we can enjoy our playtimes with our friends even more!

Autumn term 2020

It was great to welcome back all the students into Saturn class and get to know each other. It has been a very busy term with a focus on our recovery curriculum settling back into school with fun activities alongside getting back into routines and structures for learning.

Teaching and learning this term has included;

Famous people – in art students explored famous artists and their creative styles; Pointillism - Seurat, Splatter painting – Jackson Pollock and fruit painting and pictures - Cezanne

In Literacy the students read books and found out facts about Matisse, Amelia Earhart and Picasso as well as learning about Father Christmas and different traditions.

Our food technology focus has been; one ingredient cooked in many different ways - the students explored chocolate and eggs – with the cooking room being commandeered for other activities we found interesting and creative ways to cook using the microwave!

Maths activities focused on functional number skills and the properties of 2 and 3D shapes.        

All the students really enjoyed PE being able to use the hall and explore gymnastics and how to move their bodies to create different shapes which they then performed on the apparatus. Some students challenged themselves to climb and balance on higher apparatus and were very pleased with their achievements.

In PSHE the students participated in various activities to find out more about themselves; the students designed and made their own happiness boxes and were supported to put different things in that they enjoy and helped them to feel calm, happy and relaxed. The students have explored different activities to help support how they are feeling; energised, happy, calm and find ways to focus on learning and free-time.

At school we found creative ways to interact and socialise with our friends. The students participated in virtual assemblies, we joined in a virtual carol service from Winchester, we interacted safely at playtimes and enjoyed a virtual Christmas sing-a-long with Jenny Thompson.

Saturn team would like to wish everyone and fantastic Christmas holiday and look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes from all in Saturn

Summer term 2020

Here are some pictures of some of the home and school activities the Saturn class students have been doing during lockdown...

Spring term 2020

Our topic this term has been ‘Pop Culture’. Our focus has been on Disney and superheroes as they have become widely popular and have found their way under the pop culture umbrella. We did some work on the ‘Supertato’ stories and the students made their own heroes and villains using vegetables!


Art has been very fun this term as we have been learning about Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein’s style of work. The students imitated both artist’s styles using paint, pastels and images on the computer. They made their own colourful Andy Warhol style portraits using their own images which looked fantastic!


We have been keeping fit and healthy this term by doing swimming and dance. We go to Farnborough Leisure Centre to swim and play some games in the water at the end of the session. We also learnt some group dances in PE-line dancing was a particular favourite!


Our trip we mentioned in the Autumn term update to Mrs. Potts Place and Zizzi’s in Camberley was a lot of fun. The students all painted a Christmas plate which they took home and then we went for a nice Italian lunch after!

Autumn term 2019

We have been looking at how things work in Saturn class this term. The students have been trying to operate different items, such as foot spas, hair dryers and toys, by putting in batteries or plugging them in. We have been following and writing instructions which is helping to give us a good understanding of how a variety of things work.


We have also been thinking about how to keep safe. We did lots of work around the emergency services and learnt about how we can contact them and why we might need to. We looked at their equipment and uniform so we can recognise them. We also had a visit from Summer the dog and found out how to keep her safe and healthy.


Saturn have been visiting lots of shops and cafes as part of our leisure option. The students have been working on asking unfamiliar staff for drinks they want in these different environments.


We are looking forward to our class Christmas trip to Mrs Pott’s Place where we will be decorating a Christmas plate and then going to lunch at Zizzi’s after.

Summer term

Our final topic in Saturn class was oceans. We started off by visiting aquariums to have a look at different fish and underwater creatures. We looked at globes and in atlases to identify land and sea. We also sorted animals which live on land and in the ocean. We decided that an important part of going to the beach was having an ice cream-so we made some! The students worked in pairs and chose what they wanted to put in their ice cream from a range of different options. We explored different instruments which made noises we might find at the seaside. One of our favourites was the ocean drum which the students moved slowly so it sounded like waves at the beach. 


In Athletics, we tried javelin, discus, relay races and obstacle courses. Our favourite obstacle course involved running with a cup of water to a bucket! We crawled through tunnels, balanced on beams and climbed A-frames.  


In food technology, we used chocolate in different recipes. We began by tasting different types of chocolate and different flavoured chocolate. We then made chocolate cakes, icing, brownies, milkshake and dipped fruit into chocolate. During options this term, we did some gardening in preparation for Rushmoor in Bloom. We planted some beautiful flowers in pots and some tomatoes, sweet pea and courgettes in the vegetable patch. The courgettes have started to flower and the tomato plants have tiny green tomatoes on them so we are hoping they are ready to eat by the end of the term!  

Spring term


This term in Saturn, our topic has been Space! We have learnt a lot about the planets in our solar system and all about the moon. We had great fun making the planets using a balloon and papier mache. We painted them and they are now on display in the corridor outside of our room. We created what we thought the moon surface would look and feel like as well as trying different types of cheese-the moon is made out of cheese after all! We also found out about some famous historical moments to do with space. We learnt about the first British woman to travel into space as well as the moon landing. In science, we made different types of rockets and launched them to see how far they would go-that was great fun!


In Options this term we chose Games and Beauty. In Games, we played board games, computer games, table football and bowling and then chose what ones we liked the best. In Beauty, Saturn class was turned into the ‘Saturn Salon’ where we styled hair, painted nails, offered foot spas and massages-all for a reasonable price! The students really enjoyed this option and it reinforced our PSHE lessons this term which included personal hygiene.


The students really enjoyed PE as we focused on ball skills. We did played styles of dodgeball which everybody really enjoyed playing. All of the students (and even the staff) showed good sportsmanship at the end of each lesson by shaking hands with each other, regardless of the score. In food tech, we have carried on the theme-one ingredient in many different ways. Our ingredient this term is bread so we have made sandwiches, bread and butter pudding, eggy bread, toasties, garlic bread and pizza bread!


To end the term and our topic work on Space, we will be visiting the Winchester Science Centre. We are looking forward to a workshop where we make alien slime and watching a space show in the planetarium.


Food tech

Options-Beauty and Games

Autumn Term

Welcome to Saturn Class!


Our first few weeks have been very busy, settling in to class, getting to know new staff and peers and finding out about what we are going to be learning.


This term in Saturn, our topic is Pirates! We looked at the flags of different famous pirates and created our own ones. We have also been studying pirate ships and made boats using lollipop sticks. We tested them to see if they floated  (which they did) and tested out lots of different objects to see if they would float or sink. We have also made our own pirate hats out of newspaper.


Each week, students go out to the supermarket to buy food for food technology. We have been cooking eggs each week but in different ways. We have tried scrambled, fried, dippy, poached- you name it, we've tried it! We have been showing off our dance skills in PE, moving to many classics such as the YMCA and the Hokey Cokey. We have also been using parachute games to get to know each other.


In Enterprise, we have been 'upcycling' and turning 'rubbish' into things we can sell at the Christmas Fair-watch out for our amazing Christmas gifts in December!





Food technology