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SLE support

Specialist leaders of education (SLEs)


SLEs are experienced middle or senior leaders with a specialism (for example, maths, initial teacher training, behaviour).


While other roles (for example, advanced skills teachers) focused on developing classroom expertise, this role is about developing other leaders so that they have the skills to lead their own teams and improve practice in their own schools.


You should contact an SLE if you want to improve the leadership in a specific subject or specialist area in your school.


SLEs can provide one-to-one or group support. Their work could involve a variety of activities, such as:

  • data analysis
  • coaching
  • facilitating and training
  • joint action planning


SLE specialisms cover the 4 areas of focus for Ofsted.


Ofsted focus

Areas of expertise

Leadership and management

Academies and academy transition; assessment; leadership of continuing professional development; school business management and financial management; leadership of curriculum

Pupil achievement

Art; closing the gap; drama; design and technology; early years; English; geography; history; information and communication technology; maths; modern foreign languages; music; phonics; physical education; personal, social and health education; religious education; science; special educational needs; support for the most able pupils, citizenship

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Initial teacher training; assessment

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

Behaviour and discipline; attendance



You will usually need to pay the teaching school for an SLE’s time. Payment for SLE services is negotiated by you and the teaching school.


Time commitment for you or your staff

This will vary according to the project, level of support required and number of your staff involved. For example, one project might be a 2 day diagnostic exercise, while another might require a 3 month, full-time support role. Time may be taken as a block of consecutive days or spread over a longer period.


Further information

For more information about SLEs, email

or contact the teaching school on 01252 544577