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Spaceship Class

Autumn Term 2021:

Spaceship class have settled into the new school year excellently, becoming quickly accustomed to their new routines and peers. There has been some amazing progress in our independent transitioning, with some Spaceships using their schedules for the whole day without any help. We have also seen some lovely engaged working in our core lessons, Literacy and Maths. This has included some brilliant fine motor skills, reading, speaking verbally or with aids, and some strong problem-solving too. Meanwhile in our topic of the term we have explored robots and machines. This has been great for looking at robot parts and creating some of our own robots too! But is has to be said the popcorn machine was definitely the class favourite. We have also had a clearly loved time of the week going swimming! The Spaceships have shown some great water exploration skills, as well as enjoying a treat in the splash zone. Now we are looking forward to Christmas and crossing our fingers for some snow! 

Summer Term 21:

Spaceship class worked extremely well this term, enjoying being back full time for the whole period. Our topic this term was 'Under the Sea' which went down a storm. We explored differing sea animals, alongside the sea environments themselves. We particularly enjoyed making waves of varying sizes, and concluding which items made the best waves. We made rockpools from foods, as well as trying some strange (and not always liked!) shellfish. Most of all it was just a joy to see Spaceships extend their exploring skills throughout and show high levels of engagement throughout the long term. 


In other subjects Spaceships continued to work well on their independence, fine motor skills and communicatio, with adults as well as peers. We also have worked extremely hard on our phonics this term, with some ready to move to phase 3, and some having become much more aware and able to identify environmental sounds around them. As the term comes to a close, we are looking forward to our whole school Sports Day, as well as our end of term celebration assembly! 

Spring Term 2021:


The Spring term was a little different, with some spaceships learning at home and some at school. This meant we had to make things super fun whilst exploring our new topics. We really enjoyed our Kings and Queens theme with some lovely exploring of our commonwealth, as well as some fantastic royal items made at home and at school. We also worked well with our Art in particular in this period, exploring items we could manipulate to make art with or become art itself. 


As we all returned to school in February, with our adults help, we focused on making sure we were happy and settled with our school routine. This meant a lot of lovely sensory based work and also some excellent communication sessions to reacquaint talking to others again. Spaceships worked well through this, with some great shared lessons on hygiene, and sharing and of course a good Easter hunt too! Whilst it has been lovely to have all the Spaceships back, it has been tricky for some at times and as a whole class peers and adults will continue to support them, until they are settled back into their school/home routine again. 

Autumn term 2020


Spaceship Class were all very excited to arrive into their new class, and have all shown some amazing development this term. We have all worked on our recovery curriculum, and what it's like to be back at school. This has meant we have done lots of activities about ourselves, how we and our body feel.


The Spaceships have really enjoyed their communal, daily sensory circuits and (literally!) throw themselves into it, making themselves ready to work for the day ahead. This has also been assisted by our exploring time in the afternoons, a moment of well-being whilst exploring our happiness box. 


Throughout the term our topic has been toys, and the Spaceships have been thrilled to explore toys from through time, as well as from around the world. This has allowed us to communicate some opinions, as well as desires when working with friends. A sub topic we have looked into is push and pull, this has been great fun as we've pushed and pulled throughout a variety of subjects, Art definitely being a favourite. 


As we cannot go out into the community at the moment, we have taken the opportunity to do more work outside, engaging with the immediate world around us and using natural resources, this has been enjoyed by all. A clear preferred activity was making our own well-being tree with recycled items we found outside. With this in mind Spaceships are looking forward to getting outside more as spring approaches. 


Until then Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Autumn 2020

Summer Term:

In this slightly abnormal term, Spaceship class have coped excellently both in school and at home. We have focused on each others well-being and becoming accustomed to learning again. Those still at home have continued as well to adapt brilliantly to the changes both with home and school support. Altogether each of the Spaceships have shown excellent tenacity in different times and reacted so positively to engagement with school staff in person, or digitally. Thank you Spaceship Class for a lovely year and we look forward to welcoming you back in September. 

Home working!

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Home working!

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Spring term 2020


The Spring term was a based a very exciting topic of farms and growing, of which all the Spaceships enjoyed. We looked into farms through history as well as around the world, trying out some of the old farm techniques, with some brilliant success. We also looked at today's farm machinery, with our tractor driving being particularly good. Further to this we explored what it was for a farm product to grow, seeing a seed become a potato, and a potato become a crisp, yum! One of our favourite lessons was our Animal Care session, where all the Spaceships took the time to wash, groom and build beautiful homes for their animals. 


We also used farms as an inspiration in other topics, the best example being painting with homemade udders, and a messy milking action, with some awesome coloured cow pictures being made. As well as this we looked a lot at farm products in our cooking sessions and used them in vaired ways, from pictures to a lovely heart warming soup.


In our core topics all the Spaceships made good progress on their targets, as well as solidifying working in different ways. They were able to display some lovely peer working groups with adult support, or exploring at our learning through play area. Everyone also improved their attention skills, either to work better independently, or to be able to lead their sensory work. Most impressively when working in a focused 1-1 working area, all Spaceships developed their Maths and Literacy skills further brilliantly. 

Autumn Term 2019


Wow, what a start to the year in Spaceship class, already so much done and it's not even Christmas yet!


The Spaceships all settled really well into their new class, or welcoming new classmates. Everyone very quickly became excellent at transitioning through the school day, with some of our Spaceships leading the way. Our topic this term has been 'Patterns', which has brought lots of sensory exploring fun to our learning. We have loved looking at varied ways to make patterns in Art, with some great outdoor lessons. And in History and Geography we have explored the patterns of the earth and many an ancient civilisation. Favourites were defiantly the Egyptian Mummy patterns, and the soil patterns exploration.


It has been lovely to see all the Spaceships become more engaged in their learning and seeking out to do more where they can. No where is this more prominent than out in the community where we've developed our local area awareness, as well as some great treasure hunts. But more importantly we've looked at how do we cope in public settings with fading support, such as a café. Most of all who can forget our Zoo trip, which all the Spaceships were brilliant for, the giraffes being a clear favourite.

Summer Term


Across the Summer term our new topic was ‘Travel and Transport’. All the Spaceships took great pride in being able to relate their own experiences, from identifying the bus/car they travelled in, to excellent recall of their holidays. In Geography we all made our own passports before using them to travel to new countries to explore. India and America were the top hits, with some excellent cowboys appearing and some humorous spice exploration too. Added to this when we looked into each country, all the Spaceships were brilliant to choose their favourite aspect of the country using flashcards, and describe their thoughts on each place, in writing or using their PECS. When looking into transport in history, we made a fantastic plaster horse for the class, and compared old and new transport, with some good independent sorting from all. 


We also enjoyed some lovely time out in the community, finding items for holiday and trying on some snazzy sunglasses. Further to this the Spaceships were very excited with their upcoming end of term train trip! 

Spring term


This term Spaceship class have really enjoyed exploring our topic of our world and local area! We have been excellent at exploring an array of habitats, with some brilliant home building, especially the jungle habitats. In Geography we looked into the UK and its different parts, the Spaceships enjoyed travelling on a sensory level to new places to explore and were very good at locating these on their UK maps. When exploring the British history we had a great time exploring schools through the ages, some of use scared of the Victorian teaching, and were fabulous Brits, with blue war paint and hairy faces!


Most of the Spaceships have really enjoyed our communication and sensory sessions this term. It has been lovely to see friendships develop and watch the pupils work very well together using good speech and other forms of communication.


In PE we’ve been looking at mirroring and working in partners. All the spaceships have worked on their stamina too, doing some brilliant interval movement. When copying each other’s movement, the Spaceships have been great at focusing on their peers and ensuring they do exactly the same.  


We are all looking forward to celebrating Easter and our half term of swimming sessions too.

Autumn term 2:


This term Spaceship class have really enjoyed exploring our topic of fire and ice! We have been excellent scientists using thermometers and also ice excavating too. In Geography we looked into climate change and how we can help, as well as hot and cold climates, most preferring the hot places to live. When exploring the Ice age in history we had a great time becoming prehistoric people, hunting wooly mammoths, and creating our own caves to hide in from the cold.


Most of the Spaceships have really enjoyed our new swimming lessons in the big pool at the leisure centre, all of us have completed lengths, with some even doing breast stroke and front crawl on their own! Most of all thought the Spaceships have been really brave becoming accustomed to being fully wet and submerged.


In PE we’ve been getting very hot and sweaty, all the Spaceships have worked on their maneuverability and their stamina, with some doing some amazing walking obstacles, and others showing some brilliant skills on the apparatus.


We are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas and then some warmer weather in the spring term.

Spaceship Autumn Term


At the beginning of the new term, Spaceship class have been exploring our theme of Fire and Ice.


This has been really exciting to look into. As little scientists, we have explored the processes both can cause, looking at burning, freezing and melting, the latter being our favourite! We have also used fire and ice in our art work. Again we made excellent ice igloos, and some melted crayon art with the heat of a hairdryer.


In history Spaceships have been very interested in the types of people and animals that wold have been about in the Ice Age. We created our own ice age caves under our tables to decorate, and even made ourselves into dirty hairy ice age men. We worked together excellently to hunt out a woolly mammoth and made a fantastic example as a class.


In English and Maths we’ve been extending the ways we work, with some lovely independent and group working. Similarly in our communication sessions, it’s been great to see the Spaceships interact and form some lovely friendships.


 Spaceship Summer Term


This term Spaceship Class have really enjoyed going outside to do some of their learning. They had great fun painting each other in our abstract art lesson, with some excellent decorated t-shirts being made. We also have been using the sensory garden as the basis for talking to our friends.


All of Spaceship Class got stuck in and helped with ‘Rushmoor in Bloom’ planting some beautiful flowers and getting a little dirty in the process.


We had a brilliant time at ‘Kids Day out’, where there was lots of fun had on the rides, the bouncy castles, eating from the BBQ, and playing with the animals. Though it was really hot day, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the cooling ice cream at the end of the day.


We have worked really hard on our ball skills this term and sharing our equipment with our friends. We loved building our own towers and using our ball skills to knock them down!


Spaceships continued to work on their swimming with lots of us being able to swim independently now. We were really good at delivering ‘treasure’ to our friends.


Overall spaceships have enjoyed all their topics from the summer term and we are really looking forward to our trip to Hampton Court and to show our parents our racing skills at Sports Day!

Spaceship Spring Term

Welcome to spaceship Class.


Everyone has settled well into their new Spaceship class and enjoyed working with new friends. All the pupils have also enjoyed some of the new work we’ve been doing. Favourites have been making our own Playdoh in cooking and melting coloured Ice cubes in art to make amazing tie dye patterns. We also liked making snowmen and getting caught in a fake snowstorm the week we had snow! The Pupils have enjoyed exploring different materials in Science. We made some clay monsters, some of which were humorously called Ben! Most of all we have enjoyed getting a bit messy, especially when made the whole class messy splatting a huge egg made from paint.


We are continuing to develop our swimming in the pool, which of course involves lots of splashing which we all seem to be very good at. We have also taken some (rather chilly) trips out to explore some local parks and see the seasonal changes.


We are all looking forward to more exciting work and exploring as the term continues.