Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Sun Class

Spring 2020


This term Sun class has been learning all about the concept of same and different through the topic of The Wild West. During our write dance sessions some of us had to choose two different media to use which we alternated using for each song. We were all able to show an awareness of the difference and interacted very differently with the media; we particularly liked using ones we could very messy with, Aysha tells us we learn best being hands on and getting messy so we think we have permission to get as messy as we like!

We also spent time turning ourselves in to cowboys and cowgirls; we had to make sure we had clean teeth and had fun exploring different toothbrushes and toothpastes.


In February we were very sad to loose our dear friend Henry. We spent time remembering and celebrating his life as a class by making a rainbow for the adults to take to the funeral and releasing some balloons.


In March we were visited by a farm, which was great fun! We got to see donkeys and stroke goats and sheep.


The spring term came to a strange end with many of us going in to self isolation but we are finding ways that we can all stay in touch whilst we can't be together.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

With Love

Sun class

Autumn 2019

During the autumn term Sun class have been learning all about the concept of fast and slow, we have used the topic of The Circus to help engage us. One of our favourite sessions has been dance, where we got to perform as different circus acts, including hula hoop artists, and jugglers, we had lots of fun and had to work very hard to reach out and throw the balls to juggle. We all seemed to prefer the faster songs and moving at faster speeds, especially when the excitement level seemed to raise with the speed.

We have also enjoyed music and cooking where we made hot dogs, popcorn, candy floss and slush puppies.

It has been great fun learning at the circus and we are all now ready for a well earned rest.

Happy Christmas and see you in the new year!

Sun Class

Spring Term 2019

We have had a wonderful Spring term in Sun class. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from The Berkshire Reptile Centre, as a treat for one of our birthdays. We were all very brave; happily exploring and getting to know all the different animals.

Towards the end of the term we joined together with 6th form green group and  invited our mums in  for an afternoon tea to celebrate Mother's Day. We made invitations, sandwiches, crème egg fudge and peppermint creams and shared a lovely afternoon together.

Autumn 2018

Wow we can not believe that we are nearly at the end of the first half term of the academic year! We have been very busy in Sun class learning all about pirates. We have been going on a weekly treasure hunt in our sensory story where we have had to travel through water and sand to find the cave the treasure is hidden in, but so far we have only found a crocodile, who likes to chase us!

We have been making our own versions of 'That's not my pirate' a sensory book, where we have been choosing which textures and materials to put on our pirates, for example bubble wrap on his hat... 'That's not my pirate his hat is too bumpy!' Some of us have been using symbols to choose which materials and colours we would like to use and some of us have been exploring different materials then opting for whichever one we responded the most to.

Each week we have been engaging in a sensology session where we use each of our five main senses to explore the world around us. Initially we sing a song to draw our attention to the sense we are using, and then we begin to use the sense to explore. The salt and vinegar crisps for us to taste have been a firm favourite, along with the torch lights.

To celebrate Harvest Festival we attended an assembly with our friends from other classes, where we shared different foods that we had made, we took pirate porridge along. We also did some vegetable printing in our art lesson.

We hope you all have a good half term break, when we get there, we are looking forward to the break so we can all come back raring to go for the next half term

Summer 2018


This term we have all been working on developing our communication skills using AAC such as big mack switches, During our good morning sessions we are having to use a switch to communicate our names, or a hello and some of us have been locating the correct switch from a choice of 2, for example finding our photo instead of our friends to communicate that we would like a turn.

Our learning this term has been around the topic of dinosaurs and we have had a great time participating in sensory and massage stories, we particularly found it funny to listen to the adults try and say the names of the different dinosaurs. We have also been  making sculptures in art of our own dinosaur landscapes and fossils. We were lucky enough to visit Wellington Country Park and see the dinosaurs they have.

In addition to this we all participated in a sensory story on Odysseus where we had to travel across the sea to far off lands and face stormy winds, cyclones and Cyclopes.  



Today we went to Farnborough to visit some familiar settings, which we are looking at in our Literacy work. We have been reading lots of books set in the local community and it was lots of fun to go and visit them. We had a great day out having lunch at Burger King and visiting the new Smyths toy shop!

We hope you like the photos of our fun day out!

Spring Term 2017

The Spring Term has started off well in Sun class, everyone is happy to be back in school and we are enjoying our learning. This term we are learning all about the United Kingdom through sensory stories, so far we have looked at England; we’ve had cream teas and garden parties with the queen and have tried some traditional dancing. Next we are going to learn about Scotland. We are also having fun exploring objects that are heavy and light in maths and find it funny to try and lift or knock over heavy bottles of water!