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Schools Direct Teacher Training

Schools Direct Teacher Training

The current round is open – please take a look at this video https://youtu.be/BNYT0QiMMp4

Schools Direct courses are based on the skills providers are looking for in a newly qualified teacher (NQT). Designed by groups of schools in partnership with a university or a school-centered initial teacher training (SCITT) provider, the schools recruit you as a trainee with a job in mind just for you. This is a popular choice for those who hope to secure a role in the network of schools where they train.

School Direct courses generally last a year, and you’ll train in at least two good schools.

This course offers a brilliant option if you want to train and learn ‘on the job’ – but you shouldn’t worry about being thrown in at the deep end. You’ll be part of a team from the very start, receiving intensive support from experienced teachers and mentors. That means you won’t be teaching classes unsupported until the school thinks you’re ready.

The principles of academic rigour on School Direct are the same as on university-led courses, too. You’re also equally eligible for a training bursary (or, where appropriate, scholarship) and can apply for the same financial support, such as student loans. School Direct courses all result in qualified teacher status (QTS). Most also award you a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) and/or Master’s-level credits, but you should check individual courses on the UCAS Teacher Training site.

These combined factors mean that school-led courses have very high rates of employment and trainee satisfaction. And, with the expansion of School Direct, the chances to train locally are better than ever – wherever you live in England, there should be a School Direct partnership nearby.

We are often asked questions about school-led training, and there are some misconceptions that arise frequently – find out more on the DfE myth-busting page. You can also speak to a Get Into Teaching Line adviser on Freephone 0800 389 2500

90% of newly qualified Schools Direct teachers rate their training highly

9 out of 10 newly qualified Schools Direct teachers were employed within six months of completing training.

At Henry Tyndale we have a 100% employment record for the last 5 years for Schools Direct Trainees.

Please contact us at bettertogether@henrytyndale.hants.sch.uk for more information.

Alternative Routes

The Department for Education (DfE) offers advice and support for those wishing to become teachers here https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/explore-my-options And this is supplemented by further information from UCAS at https://www.ucas.com/ucas/teacher-training If you are already working as an unqualified teacher you may wish to pursue an Assessment only route into gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Assessment Only route

If you’re an experienced teacher with a degree, you can achieve qualified teacher status (QTS) without having to do any further training. Assessment Only allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for QTS. To achieve QTS via the AO route, you’ll need to present detailed evidence that you meet the standards. Your teaching will be assessed in a school by an accredited and approved AO provider. You’ll also need to take the professional skills test in literacy and numeracy before you can be accepted onto the route. This way of achieving QTS is only available to unqualified teachers who have taught in at least two schools, early years and/or further education settings. A number of universities, colleges, schools and SCITTs around the country offer AO. Their criteria for entry may vary, and you will need to apply to them directly if you are interested in this route to QTS. You can register with the DfE for more information and help with the application process. Find more information on GOV.UK.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the AO route, you can apply directly to an approved provider or contact us through bettertogether@henrytyndale.hants.sch.uk
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