Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Vision Statement

  • Henry Tyndale will be an Outstanding Specialist Teaching School demonstrating its expertise in special education and supporting others within the community and beyond with special educational needs. The school will play a lead role in continuing to develop excellent SEN provision for pupils within the school and for the wider community.
  • All pupils within the school will be valued and respected and have their individual needs fully met through the provision of first rate teaching and learning and their access to their rights, as described in the UNICEF Convention for the rights of the child, will be upheld at all times through the attitudes and approaches of every adult supporting them in school.
  • Pupils learning will prepare them for adult life in the community they will be provided with opportunities to access the community. The school will work with students and families to secure the best available Post 19 provision.
  • Children will have access to a broad range of educational social experiences sporting activities.
  • Staff will be valued, well trained, supported and fully appreciated whatever the role they play within the school. Colleagues will have the opportunity to engage in innovative teaching & learning practices to better meet the range of needs of our pupils.
  • Relationships with parents will continue to be excellent and pupils’ families will be in close communication with the school and well supported by a variety of professionals co-ordinated by the school.
  • The school will be working with parents and other agencies to strive to ensure high quality health and social support for our children and their families.
  • A range of specialist therapies support services will be in place to meet the wide range of needs of our children.
  • Staffing structures will show high levels of support for teaching at all levels with well trained assistants having suitable progression routes within the LSA structure and from an LSA to a teacher.
  • Leadership and management, teaching, assistant and non-classroom based staff will all be dedicated to achieving the most for the children.

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