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Children with ASD and other additional needs often require support within the classroom environment to help them to be independent. They may find it difficult to follow verbal instructions and retain information. At Henry Tyndale, some classes use the principles of the TEACCH approach to support pupils in the school environment.


The approach supports pupils’ visual strengths to promote independence and learning.  This is achieved by the use of visual schedules and organised physical structures are promoted. Using visual supports to make the sequence of daily activities predictable and understandable and make individual tasks understandable.


The use of symbols (a ‘timetable’ or ‘schedule’) shows a pupil what they will be doing. These ‘schedules’ could represent whole day/half day/2 or 3 activities and take the form of individualised schedules and/or a whole class timetables.

Organising the physical environment promotes understanding of activities and expectation within each area. The goal is to create an environment that promotes independence.