Henry Tyndale School

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Arrangements for Parental Visits


Parents and Guardians are very welcome to visit the school. Just telephone the school office during school hours and staff will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements for you (01252 544577).


It will help us if you are able to explain the nature of your visit so that we can ensure that appropriate staff members are available when you arrive.


If the reason for your visit is confidential, staff will arrange for you to see a member of the Senior Management Team.



Admissions Policy


As our school caters for children with complex learning difficulties, each of our children either has an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) or, in the case of very young children, may be undergoing the process of assessment prior to being provided with an EHCP.


Hampshire County Council LEA is responsible for the maintenance of EHCPs for of all the children at Henry Tyndale School. The LEA is responsible for arranging that the special educational provision be made for the child, and considering the school's suitability in finalising the EHCP.  Where a school is named in the EHCP, the admission authority has a duty to admit the child to the school.


As part of the EHCP process, parents will be provided with a list of appropriate schools in the area from which to choose.


All Boards of Governors are consulted annually about the LEA admissions criteria for the coming year. The Government has produced an Admissions Code of Practice offering practical guidance, which is used as an aid by all LEAs in determining policy.


Further information can be obtained from the school or directly from Hampshire County Council LEA.  Please follow link below for appropriate contact details.