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Parents' Comments

Parents' Comments about the school and the staff team


At the end of the school year, after Curriculum Reports have gone home and when we have our open evening, some parents are kind enough to give a few comments expressed in cards, notes and letters for the staff. I have printed some quotes from a selection of comments:


“Thanks and gratitude to every member of staff”

I really can’t put into words what the school has meant to us

“Thanks so much to you and the team for all you have done this academic year”

“I loved looking through the report, and it gives me a few ideas about what to do during spare moments in the summer”

“A big thank you for all your help and support for the whole family”

“I can’t help but reflect on what a truly amazing school Henry Tyndale is”

“We have been so lucky to have you”

“He has made fab progress and we are very grateful for all you have done”

“Words cannot convey our feelings – we can only say how blessed we are to have you as her guide, mentor and teacher”

“You feel like part of the family”

“We are so grateful for everything you do for him”

“We still cannot believe we have a place at your amazing school. We truly feel like we have won the lottery”

“We have just read the report and are amazed at everything you enable him to do”

“Words cannot convey how grateful we are to all of you and how much we appreciate all your efforts”


“Our life is so much better because we have you in it”