Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together

Staff Wellbeing

50 THINGS - Henry Tyndale Does to support your

Well –Being

We work hard, play hard

  • Regular staff survey to get their honest opinion
  • A suggestion box which  to allow for confidential suggestions to better practice and systems
  • Resilience awareness sessions and a culture around promoting well-being and self-care
  • Open door Senior Leadership –no concern is ever too small
  • Opportunities to get involved with the wider life of the school
  • Well-being team who put on ½ term events for staff (breakfasts etc)
  • Healthy snacks and ice cream for inset days
  • Well-Being health checks
  • One to one meetings with staff around well-being (weekly, monthly etc)
  • Mental Health first aider on site
  • 3 exceptional/compassionate days an academic year allowing staff to attend children assembly, care of family/friends/pets etc.
  • Hire facilities
  • Support individuality
  • Tea, coffee , milk and sugar for staff provided everyday
  • Secret buddy system to support all staff
  • Pilates after school-one day a week  for staff to join
  • Friday Club
  • Time given for medical appointments
  • Accommodating staff to support with child care (bringing into school etc)
  • Recognition board –SHOUT OUT’S
  • Designated smoking area
  • Aim to have 15min morning breaks


 Teaching and Learning/ Planning and Curriculum

  • We trust teachers to decide best approaches for their pupils
  • Everyone has the highest expectations of behaviour, with all staff reinforcing these expectations
  • Senior leaders are very visible
  • Senior leaders support for duties
  • Condensing report writing and assessment into one platform
  • Reducing paper work load in means of IPP’s, ROA’s
  • More collaborative approach to planning
  • Assessment systems are constantly being streamlined so process takes less time
  • No tick box culture – never do anything if it is not going to make a difference
  • Provide teachers with time for assessment, performance management and paperwork
  • Support and Challenge plans to help support teachers practice and development
  • Coaching ethos
  • Everyone has highest expectations of behaviour, with all staff reinforcing those expectations
  • Leadership values tailored to ensuring the best for their staff
  • Support staff to feel confident in their job
  • Regular meetings with leads and therapist to support communication
  • The opportunities to have open and honest conversation with leadership team


Professional Development

  • CPD tailored to specifically to staff needs, based off their feedback
  • Encourage staff to develop their CPD by being open to courses they would like to attend
  • CPD is delivered in house with flexibility of dates and times with day off in lieu
  • Non-hierarchical approach to professional development –there are things a senior leader can learn from an NQT and vice versa
  • Targeted support plans for LSA’s and Teachers
  • Succession planning opportunities
  • Developing leadership positions at all levels (LSA’s, Leads, Teachers, TLR’s, Senior Management)
  • NQT support with dedicated mentors, regular meetings and CPD opportunities
  • Performance management is tailored to individual need. We build on aspirations and reflection on own practice
  • Weekly induction programme for new staff
  • Range of CPD opportunities- twilights, visits to schools