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Lets construct together

Let's Construct Together is centred on Lego based therapy.  A session will consist of groups of 2 or 3 students working together to make a model using construction materials, which is usually Lego but can be other things such as Knex.  Students take on different roles in their groups; a builder , who builds; a supplier who listens to the engineer and gives the bricks to the builder when asked; and an engineer who uses the instructions to ask the supplier for the bricks and tells the builder what to do with them.  Let's construct together supports students in developing their team work, building skills and problem solving skills.  It also gives opportunities to for the students to socialise and build friendships, take turns and learn to follow rules.


Communication is a vital part of 'Let's construct together and students are grouped accordingly so that they can support each other with this.  They are encouraged to develop this language and describe carefully to their partners, using the means of communication that they using including PECs and spoken language.  Staff that support are called 'facilitators' and their role aids the students to develop their communication, team work and social skills.


A 'Let's construct together' lesson is broken up into 3 or 4 parts.  It starts with a name the brick activity.  It is important that students use their own language and facilitators do not change the words students use.  The name the brick activity helps the students think what to call the bricks and PECs can be used to support this.  Next the groups work together to build their model, taking on the roles of builder, supplier and engineer.  After that they have free building time.  Students choose something to build together from a selection of photos and build it without verbal instructions.  Finally each group holds up what they have made and the other groups guess what it is.