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Special Events

Jeans for Genes day


We raised money for Genetic Disorders UK by taking part in Jeans for Genes day by wearing jeans to school and having a special assembly.


Every class in school decorated some pieces of denim to make a patchwork quilt for the display board at the entrance of the school which looks great!

Zurich Volunteers decorating and making raised flower beds

Zurich Volunteers decorating and making raised flower beds 1
Zurich Volunteers decorating and making raised flower beds 2
Zurich Volunteers decorating and making raised flower beds 3
Zurich Volunteers decorating and making raised flower beds 4
Zurich Volunteers decorating and making raised flower beds 5

Thank you so much to the volunteers from Zurich that came into school to help us.  They decorated some of the corridors and made some raised flower beds for the 6th form students.


We really appreciate what you did which makes such a difference to the school


Thank you for being so great to work with!

Orange Friday!

Staff and students wore orange on Friday to raise money for Challengers play scheme.  Many of our students at school access this play scheme which is an invaluable out of school play experience for them and respite for their parents

6th Form Leavers Garden Party 

The 6th form held a garden party to say goodbye to this years leavers.  Family, friends and Governors were invited.  Everyone enjoyed the tea, playing games together and watching the farewell photo slide show

MOVE Sports Day 2019

Due to having a total of 36 students on the MOVE programme at Henry Tyndale School, we decided to hold two MOVE sports days this year-one for the 18 older students on our main-site and one for our 18 younger students on our Early Years site.

Although we were fortunate to have dodged the showers during our first sports day we were not so fortunate on our second sports day, but rain did not stop play and we managed to hold it inside by using the dining hall and corridor!

Focusing on the theme of ‘The Fairy-tale of MOVE’, the students were split into groups of six to access three different activities, before all coming back together to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty using the large parachute.

Henry Tyndale remembered the 888,246 commonwealth military who died WWI; students each made a poppy and added it to the wreath in the foyer, 'signing' their name on the 'remembrance page.'

Henry Tyndale remembered the 888,246 commonwealth military who died  WWI; students each made a poppy and added it to the wreath in the foyer, 'signing' their name on the 'remembrance page.' 1

Three of Henry Tyndale School’s 6th Form students, along with Secondary school students from across England gathered at the Tower of London for the annual awards ceremony to celebrate First World War Legacy projects on Wednesday 7th November.

The awards were given to the best ‘Legacy110’ projects produced by students following participation in the First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme.

The ‘Legacy 110’ projects encourage students to share their experiences with the local community, developing a long-lasting legacy to commemorate the First World War centenary, and transforming the teaching of the First World War in schools.

Five Henry Tyndale Special School 6th Form Students, over two visits, pledged to take one step each for every soldier who died - approximately 4.5 million steps - and to engage 550 people in their task. Students shared the pledge with their peers during assemblies, staffed a stall at the school fair, spoke on local radio, and set up a Facebook page. Companies, individuals, groups and other schools all ‘donated’ steps to the cause, resulting in over 23 million steps being taken, with contributions from as far afield as Canada and Australia. A ‘whole school’ Poppy Wave was created after visiting Fort Nelson to see the Tower Poppies on display.

Henry Tyndale’s Head Teacher, Rob Thompson said ‘It was real honour to see Henry Tyndale School students attend the awards event at the Tower of London. As a Special School we aim, where relevant, to enable our children to benefit from the same opportunities as those in mainstream schools. To see their work not only be accepted in a national project like this but actually be recognised and result in a prestigious award is a source of real pride to us all.’

Winners best 'Legacy 110' project

Winners best 'Legacy 110' project 1

Poppy Wave

Poppy Wave 1
Poppy Wave 2
 Some of our students went to Ypres, earlier this year, as part of the Centenary Battlefields Tours and as a follow-up, the whole class visited The Wave, at Fort Nelson.
The guys were inspired by the display, and wanted to recreate it in school.  All students (aged 2-19) have made poppies, in whatever way was appropriate to their level of need, and together we have created our 'Wave' as a salute to the one currently touring the country.
Four boys have completed their Legacy 110 project, in which they took 23.5 million steps (original target was 4.5 million - one step for every soldier who died, for each boy) and reached a target audience 700+ individual contributors plus an additional 20-30000 (!) via FB and radio interview.

Please see our photographs


Jo Bennett,

Henry Tyndale 6th Form


BBC Children in Need


On Friday 18th November the whole school took part in an opportunity to support the annual Children in Need charity fundraising day.  This year the theme was 'Spotastic' and everyone came to school dressed up. There were spots everywhere! We all joined together in the morning for a whole school assembly, setting the scene by listening to and watching the Children in Need single.  This was followed by learning how the money raised supports many children. The children were encouraged to come to the front of the assembly and put their donation into the collection tins. All of the children made their own 'spotty' bunting in their class groups and came to show their class bunting to their peers at the front of the assembly.  This has been displayed in the hall for everyone to see and enjoy.  Jupiter class hosted a brilliant cake sale and all of the pupils in the school had the opportunity to go to Jupiter class to buy their spotty cake.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Infant themed 'Evacuee day'


On Friday 11th November the Infant department and Sun class had a themed day entitled 'Evacuee day', to coincide with our World War 2 topic. All of the pupils came dressed as various styled children from the war years. All of the staff from the classes also joined in the dressing up. The children took part in four different activities throughout the day - dancing to a variety of war time songs and dances; making a wartime bread and apple pudding; some wartime art and some role play with an air raid shelter. The children had a very busy and fulfilling day.

Picture 1

In October we were very fortunate once again to have a visit from the OSJ orchestra who worked with groups of pupils from Keystage 1 in the morning. They also did a performance to the whole school in the hall during the afternoon.  Some pupils even had the opportunity to conduct the orchestra!

OSJ Orchestra

OSJ Orchestra 1

On Friday 23rd of September we held an own clothes day with many pupils coming to school wearing denim to raise money for the charity ‘Jeans for Genes’.  The staff and pupils looked great in their own clothes, with some managing to wear double or even triple denim, which was very impressive.  In preparation for this event many of the pupils learned about the work of this charity and all pupils decorated a square of denim, which were patched together to create some 'jazzy' jeans. One group of students also iced jeans onto gingerbread men as part of their attention session.  The whole school also came together for a special ‘Jeans for Genes’ assembly with the highlight being everyone dancing to the song 'Blue Jeans'. We are counting the money and will let you know the grand total soon. 

On Thursday 12th May 2016 Hampshire Fire and Rescue visited the school to work with pupils from the primary department. 

All pupils enjoyed having the opportunity to explore items related to fire engines from blue lights, hoses and torches through to uniforms.  May pupils were also able to climb inside the fire engine and pretend to drive the vehicle through the streets in the simulator.  As well as the simulator they also relished the opportunity to 'put out the fire' using the hose.  Younger pupils enjoyed a story about a fire engine, whilst older students learned about fire hazards and prevention in the home during their visit to the Fire Hazard van. 

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Visit

In March Mill Cottage Farm came to school for the day.  Pupils from across the school had the opportunity to go and meet the animals, which everyone was really excited about.  There were rabbits, chickens, pigs and goats as well as alpacas that pupils could feed and touch.  There were also hands on activities to participate in such as a milking a cow (though not a real one) and carding wool. 

Mill Cottage Farm

Mill Cottage Farm 1
Mill Cottage Farm 2
Mill Cottage Farm 3