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Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading

Henry Tyndale follows the Letters and Sounds phonic scheme. This is delivered regularly to all classes up to KS2 and some pupils in KS3. Please see the PowerPoint below for more information on the scheme.

Our reading schemes are Jelly and Bean, Big Cat Phonics and Letters and Sounds. All of the books reflect each of the phases of phonics. 

Our teaching for reading reflects our vision and values and each lesson is individualised according to our pupils needs. As our learners progress through the school, our focus turns to functional literacy in the world around us, communication and comprehension.


All students up to the end of KS2 receive daily phonics lessons and are assessed every term. In KS3, the students are assessed to see if they are still progressing through learning Phonics and if it is still appropriate. If it is, the students will continue to receive daily Phonics and will be assessed each term in KS3 to see if they continue. If Phonics is no longer appropriate for the students, they will access Communication and/or functional reading. In KS4, all students will access Communication and Functional and Thematic reading, depending on their needs and what is appropriate. Students will work on reading a range of books related to the termly topic and books which help prepare them for life skills in Sixth Form.