Henry Tyndale School

Learning & achieving together


Henry Tyndale Curriculum Intent


The aim at Henry Tyndale is that all pupils should access the curriculum which is meaningful and appropriate to meet their individual needs to prepare them for life.


With the complex learning and individual needs of the pupils at Henry Tyndale the school acknowledges that the needs of the individual are central and that the provision offered should be sufficiently flexible to enable pupils to be placed at an appropriately challenging point on the continuum at any time during their school career.


The curriculum has clear routes of progression and development within curriculum planning which results in coherence and continuity throughout the school to provide students with the skills they need for life.


As student move through the school, the skills they need for living become an integral part of their learning. These include, communication, academic achievement, mobility, independence, building skills for social interaction, self-confidence, self-regulation and personal social development.


Henry Tyndale curriculum has been designed to follow a pathway concept. Some students may always work with in one pathway, whilst others may access lessons between pathways based on need, development and learning. This provides us the flexibility to allow students to access the most appropriate approach and content to their learning.

For more detail of each pathway/curriculum over view and how it progresses in each Key Stage please see tabs below for each department.