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Sports and PE Premium

PE at Henry Tyndale School


PE at Henry Tyndale is delivered in many different ways at Henry Tyndale School depending on the individual needs of the students

PE Lessons

Each class up to the end of KS3 has PE lesson scheduled every week the structure and content of the lesson will depend on the individual needs of the students

KS4 and 6th form classes have a rolling programme of options with many physical activities occurring in the community


Some students have the opportunity to participate in group or individual sessions with an external Yoga teacher which is funded by the PE and Sports premium (see form below)


All students have access swimming sessions either in the schools hydrotherapy pool or at local swimming pools according to their individual needs.  This is requires a high level of funding which the PE and Sports premium part funds (see form below)

Horse Riding

In KS1 students are given the opportunity to go horse riding dependent on their individual needs 

Active Playtimes

During break times we encourage the students to be active through the equipment and activities on offer including trikes, scooters, balls, outside gym equipment and the adventure playground


MOVE is a specific programme for students with a physical disability which is used at Henry Tyndale.  Please see separate section detailing this programme